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Year 4 Greek pots - we made pots with Mrs Thompson using clay, when they had dried we painted them using Greek style symbols.

Year 2 - African masks. We made African masks from clay with Mrs Thompson, we added features to the initial shape and when they were dry we painted them with lots of vibrant colours. We all think they are amazing!

Year 2 Art with Mrs Bonner - The Liverpool skyline. The children were encouraged to look at the Liverpool skyline. They then sketched their own skylines completing them by colouring them in with black pens. They look really effective.

Year 6 - Chinese art. The children worked with Mrs Thompson using clay and paint to recreate traditional Chinese art. To begin with the children created their pots or plates. When they had dried the children painted the pots with their representations using the traditional blue and white colours used in the Willow Pattern designs. The children making the plates added traditional Chinese Willow Pattern images and then painted them. The finished display looks fantastic!

Multicultural Art- Each year group explores an artist from the country they are studying. A representation of the artist's work is created and displayed in the school hall.

Year 2 African Art

Year 2 African Art  1
Year 2 African Art  2
Year 2 African Art  3
Year 2 African Art  4
Year 2 African Art  5
Year 2 African Art  6
Year 2 African Art  7
Year 2 African Art  8
Year 2 African Art  9