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Geography at St Robert Bellarmine Primary School


At St Robert Bellarmine our aim in Geography is to make children more aware of their own surroundings and to make sense of them.  The children will look at where they and other people live both in Britain and the World.  As well as studying different people and their surroundings, topics such as: weather, climate, landforms, rivers and their surroundings are also considered.  With the environment being  a key issue, children are made aware of the quality and vulnerability of their world.  They discuss ways in which we can take more care of it.

As well as gaining knowledge, the children learn geographical skills, such as fieldwork and mapping.  Activities such as planning journeys and reading maps are only some of the ways these skills are taught.


We also have access to the resource Digimap, a resource for the children to use to help support and  develop their mapping skills.


Geography Topics by Year: 


Year 1

Physical and Human Geography - What do we see on our journey around the world.

Physical and Human Geography-What is the difference between Liverpool and Brazil?

Local Study -What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about Liverpool?


Year 2

Physical and Human Geography- What is it like in Sierra Leone?

Physical and Human Geography -Where do different animals live? 

Local Geography - Do you like to live by the seaside?


Year 3

Physical and Human Geography - Why do so many people go to Spain for their holidays?

Physical Geography -What makes the earth so angry?

Geographical Knowledge- Where in the UK are we?


Year 4

Location Knowledge- Where on Earth is the UK?

Physical and Human Geography- Why do so many people holiday in Greece?

Physical Geography - How does water go round and round? 


Year 5

Physical and Human Geography - What is so special about the Brazil?

Physical and Human Geography- Why are the rainforests important  to all of us?

Physical Geography- How do we stop sand dunes marching?


Year 6

Human Geography- Why is China so special?

Physical Geography- Can we find a new home for Finn?


To also support our African drumming Year 6 will also have the opportunity to learn about the art and culture of Africa.

Our Multicultural Topics

Each Year group explores and learns about a country through  one of their Geography topics.  They will learn about the country geographically and culturally.  To celebrate the topic we hold an assembly and the children will share their new knowledge.  Our hall is also decorated with the children's artwork surrounding their country.  

Year 1 Geography


For our Year 1 Geography Topic we have been thinking about the question: what will we see on our journey around the world?

We have been learning about lots of different places.  To begin each lesson, we examine some clues in our suitcase to guess where we might be travelling to.  We even explored the place we were visiting using our Atlas, and found the place on a map. 


In our Geography topic, we tried to answer the question: What Would Dora The Explorer Find Exciting About Liverpool?   To help us we had a very exciting trip to Liverpool and visited places Dora might like to.  We had a trip on the ferry and visited the Museum of Liverpool.  We also drew the famous Three Graces. 

Year 3 Geography

Year 3 enjoyed exploring the topic 'Weather and Climate'. They focused particularly on hurricanes, studying why they occur, where in the world they are most likely to occur, and why they are so dangerous. 

Year 3 - Spain

Moel Famau


Year Six visited Moel Famau and walked all the way to the top.  During our walk, our leaders talked about the landscape and allowed the children to use some mapping tools.