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PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is taught across the school through the curriculum and through whole school assemblies. At St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School we believe that PSHE contributes to all aspects of school life, by giving the children the skills, knowledge and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.

Subjects explored include bullying, drug misuse, sex education and many other important areas. The topics we explore are reinforced by visits from external guests.


Anti-Bullying Survey

In keeping with our commitment to anti-bullying at St Robert Bellarmine, three Year 6 children were appointed as 'Anti-Bullying Ambassadors'. Their first task was to learn how to conduct a whole school survey. When the pupils had completed the survey, the Ambassadors learnt how to collect and record the data.

The results highlighted that all pupils felt safe at the school, with 78% of children 'strongly agreeing' that they felt safe at school, and 22% 'agreeing'. Similarly, the results confirmed that all children knew what to do and who to tell if they didn't feel safe in school. The data also emphasized that the vast majority of children strongly agreed that they were well supported by staff in school, and felt happy whilst coming to school.

The survey also gave pupils the opportunity to write down what they most enjoyed about school, and what they would like to do more of. 



Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 1

The school participated in the initiative 'Anti-Bullying Week', which shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. The national theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2017 was 'All Different, All Equal' which helps to promote difference and equality.


The children at St Robert Bellarmine participated in numerous activities, performances and workshops led by teachers and external visitors. These interactive sessions ensured children understood exactly what bullying is and why it is completely unacceptable.


One initiative was 'Odd Sock Day'. Children and staff came to school in odd socks which gave everyone an opportunity to express themselves and celebrate individuality and diversity. This was a fun way to promote the idea that everyone is unique and different, but everyone should be treated with the same kindness and respect.


Year 1, 3 and 4 also led a fantastic assembly on the theme of 'anti-bullying'. Year 1 and 3 focused on what makes a good friend, and Year 4 created an emotive video on the harmful impacts of bullying.

Odd Sock Day - Different but the Same

Odd Sock Day - Different but the Same 1

Year 6 - Equality and Diversity with Peter Yip

Year 6 participated in an interactive session on 'equality and diversity' led by Peter Yip. This reinforced the importance of celebrating individuality, difference and equality, free from prejudice and discrimination. The children were encouraged to write a poem, song or rap based on the themes they had discussed.

Year 6 Gangs Prevention Programme

Year 6 were visited by James Riley who leads the 'Get Away 'N' Get Safe Gangs Prevention Programme'. The programme encompassed five intensive sessions which aimed to: 'educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle'.

By the end of the week, the children were educated about the dangers of the gang lifestyle for themselves and their families. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt practical guidance (through role-play) about how to keep safe and make informed decisions about their futures.