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Art Curriculum

Year 5 Art: Printing

We used images of Ancient Egyptian Gods to design and make a stamp from polystyrene. Next, we used a brayer roller to cover the stamp in inks and created three different prints. We were all surprised at how clear the images were and experimented with mixing and layer inks to create three different pieces of artwork. 

Reception - Observational painting of a sunflower

Reception - small parts transient art

Reception - My first Reception painting

Reception - Observational painting of myself

Reception - Observational painting of myself 1

In line with their multicultural topic, Year 2 made African Masks with Mrs Thompson. The children began by designing their mask on paper before rolling out the clay and cutting out the outline. The children skillfully used clay to add detail and symmetrical patterns to their masks, which they then painted in vibrant colours.

Year 4 - Greek Pot Designs

Year 4 also had the opportunity to work with Mrs Thompson to create beautiful Greek pots. Using clay, the children were able to construct their own vases, pots and bowls. They then painted the pots taking inspiration from Classical Greece, using limited amounts of colour to focus on shading, line and tone.

Year 6 - Willow Patterns

Year 6 also worked with Mrs Thompson. Their artwork was inspired by 'The Willow Legend'. They worked with clay to produce willow pattern plates and pots. They designed them following traditional examples. The children learnt how to join clay pots together and painted them in traditional colours.

Nursery Multicultural Week 

Within Nursery we explored the fascinting culture of China. As part of this immersion we completed a display focusing on the vibrant colours of the well-known Chinese dragons. We made fire breathing dragons out of cups and then used tissue paper to create layers of colourful skin. Afterwards we then ripped the tissue paper in different sized strips to make it appear as though the dragons were breathing fire! 
In addition to our display we created some lovely transient artwork, also exploring the textures and colours of the dragons. We also experimented with designing shakers that could be used in the lively parades to warn off the bad and welcome the good during the New Year. 

Year 5 Brazilian Artwork

During multi-cultural week the pupils used the work of Beatriz Milhazes as inspiration for their own brightly coloured designs. We looked at the shapes and colours we could see in her work and used this to help design our own patterns.

They look very bright and creative and we are very pleased with the results. 

Year 6 African Masks

Year 1 - Christmas Crafts

Year 1 - Christmas Crafts 1
Year 1 - Christmas Crafts 2
Year 1 - Christmas Crafts 3

Year 1 - Brazilian art in the style of Romero Britto

Year 3 - Spanish Artwork in the style of Pablo Picasso. 

Reception - Autumn transient art.

Reception - Winter transient art

Reception - Chinese New Year art

Year 2 enjoyed studying animal patterns during their art lessons, which were based on the animals they had seen on their trip to Chester Zoo. The children looked closely at the colours and textures of the animal patterns, before recreating them on paper using wax crayons and paints.

Year 3 Stone Age Artwork

Year 2 enjoyed exploring Autumn themes during their art lessons. The children looked at the textures and patterns of the leaves before creating their own using wax crayons. They also enjoyed making pumpkin masks for Halloween!

Year 4 Greek pots - we made pots with Mrs Thompson using clay, when they had dried we painted them using Greek style symbols.

Year 2 - African masks. We made African masks from clay with Mrs Thompson, we added features to the initial shape and when they were dry we painted them with lots of vibrant colours. We all think they are amazing!

Year 2 Art with Mrs Bonner - The Liverpool skyline. The children were encouraged to look at the Liverpool skyline. They then sketched their own skylines completing them by colouring them in with black pens. They look really effective.

Year 6 - Chinese art. The children worked with Mrs Thompson using clay and paint to recreate traditional Chinese art. To begin with the children created their pots or plates. When they had dried the children painted the pots with their representations using the traditional blue and white colours used in the Willow Pattern designs. The children making the plates added traditional Chinese Willow Pattern images and then painted them. The finished display looks fantastic!

Multicultural Art- Each year group explores an artist from the country they are studying. A representation of the artist's work is created and displayed in the school hall.

Year 2 African Art

Year 2 African Art  1
Year 2 African Art  2
Year 2 African Art  3
Year 2 African Art  4
Year 2 African Art  5
Year 2 African Art  6
Year 2 African Art  7
Year 2 African Art  8
Year 2 African Art  9