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Design Technology

Design Technology at St Robert Bellarmine Primary School


Children work on their own and as part of a team on a range of designing and making activities. They are taught to select appropriate tools and techniques to make a product based on their own designs. Children are encouraged to think about what products are used for and the needs of the people who use them.

Healthy Pudding Challenge

Children in all year groups from Nursery to Year 6 were challenged to take part in the Healthy Pudding challenge. We learnt about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet using the eat well plate as a guide. We investigated some of our favourite desserts and discovered that they were filled with too much sugar and fat. We set about designing our own healthy pudding options with less sugar, more fruit and less fat. They were delicious!!


Plastic Recycling Project. 

The whole school took part in a plastic recycling project and learnt about how our use of plastic must change so that we can look after our seas, marine life and environment better. The design brief challenged the children to use old plastic rubbish from around their home and recycle it, transforming it into a wind chime. The results were fantastic!! The pupils used all types of plastic rubbish to create the most beautiful and innovative designs which will decorate our new courtyard garden. 

Hydraulic Heads

The children designed and created their own Greek monster head!!! They used cardboard to construct the head and attached them to triangular necks so that they were stronger. Next they used syringes, tubing and water to create a hydraulic system that meant the mouth could open and close. They were all very creative and the children were very impressed that the hydraulics meant the mouth became a moving part of their models. 


The children in year 1 design and made rockets which they could launch into the air!! The pupils used cardboard to construct the rocket and then an elastic band to power the rocket into the air using the elastic energy. They were brilliant!!

The 'Trashion' Show

A big thank you to all who took part in our amazing Trashion show. We have been thinking about how the huge amount of rubbish is effecting the world we live in and and damaging the environment. We discovered that 75% of the rubbish we throw away could actually be recylced and we were set a challenge to take an old t.shirt and recycle it into a brand new product. The children design wonderful new t.shirts, re-made some into new items of clothing, capes and even bags. We then showed off our fabulous designs at the 'Trashion Show' where we took to the catwalk. 

Well done everybody!!! 

Year 3 Textiles: Shadow Puppets - Sewing and Joining Materials


Year 3 created Christmas shadow puppets for the Christmas Fayre this year.

Through thoughtful investigation using a ThinkChart they decided that felt would be the best material to use to create a shadow. It was then decided that sewing would be the best way to join the materials. 

Each child chose the style of their stitch and added a decorative finish to each puppet to make them as attractive as possible to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We think they look fantastic! 

Year 5 Design and Technology: Viking Long Boats. 

Year five were set the challenge to make a Viking Long Boat that looked like it was sailing through the waves. 

The pupils had to design and make a hinge to allow the boat to move and a lever which is used to lift the boat. Steph taught us that levers work by increasing the distance over which the force works. The long boats were fabulous! 


Year 2 Design and Technology Day. 

Year 2 enjoyed a design and technology day with Steph. The pupils made cars from cardboard. They made sturdy constructions by making a box shape and explored the mechanisms: wheels and axles which enable the car to move. It was great day and the children made some brilliant cars!!


Design and Technology Day

Year 5 enjoyed a brilliant Design and Technology day today. We worked with Steph to make an Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus from cardboard. We learnt about making a box structure with glue tabs, a hinge mechanism which opened using hydraulics. We made the hydraulic system work using two syringes filled with water a some plastic tubing. Finally each pupil created an attractive design to decorate the top of their Sarcophagus. The results were great!

Year 3 - Forces and Magnets


Year 3  had a fantastic day working with Steph to learn even more about forces and magnets. They first created an individual marble maze, before moving on to a magnetic fish game. It was a busy day, but they had a great time and can't wait to try out their two new games!

Year 1 enjoyed making bird feeders out of milk bottles and milk bottle tops. They painted their bird feeders bright colours to make them stand out. Well done year 1- a great way to recycle milk bottles!

Year 4 Hydraulic Heads

Year 6 Fairground Rides

Year 5 - The Vikings

The Year 5 children also enjoyed the opportunity to make Viking Long Boats in Design & Technology. They used card and a lolly-stick to make a hinge mechanism which means their boats can bob up and down in the water or ride over the waves. The Vikings loved to decorate their ships with fine wood carvings. The head of a fearsome creature like a snake or dragon was put at the front to scare off enemies, including supposed sea monsters. 

Year 6 children enjoyed working with a specialist Design Technology teacher to make models of Philippe Petit tightrope walking between the two towers. Their models were inspired by the book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers' by Mordicai Gerstein, which year 6 children had been reading during English lessons. 



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