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Speaking and Listening

Anti-Bullying Week - Year One

Children performed the poem 'The Crayon Box That Talked' as part of their friendship assembly. What a beautiful place the world can be when we all work together and appreciate everyone's uniqueness!

Year Two - Altru Drama 

Year Two worked with Barry from Altru drama to produce a play about Liverpool and its history. We were all encouraged to speak fluently and audibly so that our audience could understand what we were saying and learn something about the theme. We also wanted our performance to be interesting to watch so we worked hard on expression and actions. 

Lights, Camel, Action! The Sequin


Year One and Two worked very hard to produce Lights, Camel, Action at Christmas! This play told the story of Christmas through the eyes of the important people present on the day. The children worked hard to speak audibly and fluently and to keep the interest of the audience using expression. Well done!