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New to Year 4 2020

Welcome to Your Year 4 Classroom

Meet the Staff
Key Information and Support

The documents below include a range of materials to support you and your child in easing the transition back to school.  You will see that we have included a copy of an example timetable so that the children are aware of the activities and lessons that they will participate in during their first full week back. In addition, we have provided you with the Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan so that they can see all of the wonderful topics that they will study during the first half term.


Please take the time to read through these documents with your child before they return to their new year groups as we hope this will ease some of their anxieties.

Summer Transition Work

During the holiday period, we would like the children to use the resources below and complete the transition booklet that has been provided. Please take the time to read the supporting PowerPoint resources with your child as they will hopefully ease any anxieties that they might have.


We would like your child to bring the completed booklet into school in September to share with us as this will help to generate discussions and identify further support that we can put in place to help manage their feelings.

After discussing this PowerPoint, your child might like to complete the activity below.  If they wish to bring this back to school in September, they can do so and discuss their concerns with us. Please note, if they would prefer to talk to you about their concerns that is absolutely fine. The activity is simply another piece of supporting material to help with their transition back to school.

Keeping in Touch

Mr Seeckts will be contacting all families during the last fortnight of this term so that he can speak to parents and children. We hope that this provides the support that you need during this time. If you have any questions, he will be able to discuss these with you.


In addition, to help with the transition back into school, he will be available to offer additional support and to answer any further questions you might have from 1st September on the class email address, which can be found below. If your child is feeling anxious or your require more information, please do not hesitate to contact him.