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Reading Spine

I thought I would take the opportunity to share a resource with you that you may find useful. The Reading Spine is designed to be used at home. It has been set up deliberately timed before Christmas so that Santa can add some of these titles to Christmas stockings if you were still looking! 


It contains 8 bookshelves: 1 for each year group. On each bookshelf is a suggestion of 10 books that you can share at home to support their child’s reading (if you wanted to you could read1 book per half term and a couple for holidays!) The books have been chosen to develop that love of reading, to expand vocabulary, to engage the children in reading and to build comprehension skills. 


On the back of each bookshelf is a list of the skills that need to be developed in order to improve comprehension. There are also  some question starters for each skill so that you can engage in discussion and ensure the meaning behind the words is fully understood.