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Equality Information

At St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School we respect difference, value diversity and embrace equality and fairness for all. Our highly positive curriculum and general ethos ensures pupils understand the importance of treating everybody with the same respect. We actively promote an inclusive culture for all staff and students to enable everybody to reach their potential.

Alongside Miss Wignall and Mrs Sutton, the School Council have been discussing Equality and Diversity with the rest of the school. Children from each class thought carefully about what Equality and Diversity means to them, and they made emotive videos and posters which were taken to the Strand Partnership meeting at Crosby Lakeside. Subsequently, the posters and videos were shown in a whole school assembly. We were overwhelmed by the work the children had done; the ideas they came up with showcased their understanding of and commitment to Equality and Diversity. They used phrases such as 'we are all pieces of the same puzzle'; 'equality doesn't mean identical - it means 'equal to' and 'we are all different, but we are all worth the same'. 

Equality and Diversity with Peter Yip

Year 6 participated in an interactive session on 'equality and diversity' led by Peter Yip. This reinforced the importance of celebrating individuality, difference and equality, free from prejudice and discrimination. The children were encouraged to write a poem, song or rap based on the themes they had discussed.
We believe it is important to take a stand against racism and work in partnership with Everton Football Club to deliver a message of equality and respect. Each year we attend an educational programme held at Goodison Park, where children are educated against racism, using pragmatic and innovative approaches. This allows people to have an understanding that all forms of discrimination are destructive and have no place in modern society.