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Primary Sport Funding

Primary Sports Funding


The government has allocated Primary Sports Funding to all primary schools with the aim of improving the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, increasing participation in PE and sport so that all children develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. In the academic year 2013-14 we used the funding to improve the quality of teaching in PE and to promote lifestyle choices that will contribute to pupils' well being. This programme has been continued into 2014-15 and now 2015-16.

Our current PE and sports premium allocation for this year is £8900.

Primary Sports Funding will be continuing in 2016/17 and our allocation for this year will be £9090.



We have completed an audit of staff training needs and secured the support of specialist teachers. We have produced a training plan for the year and ensured all teachers have up to date policies and plans. The school has a good range of resources and this will be added to with guidance from the subject specialists.


The specialist teacher for PE Rosie Steadman-Wright has worked with the PE co-ordinator to analyse the skills audit and map support to be provided. She is now delivering training units, working alongside teachers and TA's in each year group (see programme) . The specialist teacher for Dance, Maria Hardman, has met with teachers and written new schemes of work linked to the topics studied in each year group. She has delivered in-service training to all staff and will deliver training units to staff in each class (see programme).



We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the year groups and each class, from Reception to Year 6, take part in, up to, 2 hours of PE each week.  The planning of PE has been supported by the specialist teachers bought in through our PE & Sports Premium Funding.  Our Nursery children take part in physical activity through their continuous provision.  During the summer term, they have one timetabled PE session each week.  These sessions aid the transition into the Reception class. 


Young Leader Training

This year we are aiming to train Y5 children to become play leaders.  These children will then work with younger children during lunchtime.  This will add to the time that the children are active each week. 


Extra-curricular activities

We have developed an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, including football, multisports, golf and dance. (see link to timetable)


Healthy Lifestyle Opportunities

Each year we have a whole school topic on Health and Activity. This topic will give children of all ages the opportunity to try sports and physical activity with specialist coaches. Through science and PSHE topics studied children will develop their awareness of the factors which affect health.

This year, the Year 1 and 2 children will be taking part in 'Healthy Habits' training.  This will cover the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

The Nursery parents and children take part in regular cooking sessions.  The parents have an opportunity to learn about healthy eating and feeding a family on a budget.



We regularly audit the PE equipment and make sure it is fit for purpose.  We use some of the funding to ensure that the staff and coaches have the suitable equipment to delivery high quality school sport.



Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to take place in inter school competitions.  We are aiming to increase the opportunities for children to take part in competitions by introducing intra-school competitions.  We are currently introducing sport reporters to attend competitions.  These children will report on the competitions by using  the iPads to take photographs and video the action.  The will also be supported on writing a blogs to go on the school website and the Sainsbury's School Games website.


Top Up Swimming 

In 2014, 75% of Year 6 children could swim a minimum of 25 metres by the time they left for secondary school. In September 2014, 59% of the Year 6 class could swim 25 metres.  We are aiming to provide extra swimming sessions during the summer term, for any child in Year 6 who is unable to swim 25m.


Measuring the impact of PE Premium Spending

We have recently carried out questionnaires with staff and children.  


The CPD has fully met the expectations of the staff and they feel that the delivery of the sessions was effective.  The lesson plans that were provided were seen as very effective. The staff are now able to use the model provided to plan further units of work.  


"The children have shown raised standards in hockey and this has made a huge impact!"

"I learnt many great tips for the future."

"I have much better understanding and confidence with how to plan and develop a sequence of dance."

"I understand how to incorporate challenge into my planning."

​"The Reception children are becoming more aware of how to challenge themselves and improve their work."

"I am able to see how ideas could be implemented in the future."


A focus group was chosen from years 3-6.  The children were asked to comment on their P.E lessons.

All children enjoy their P.E lessons.  Most of the children understand what's expected of them and are challenged in lessons.  


"I have a chance to work as a team."

"We use mathematics to add up our scores in golf."

"My face always goes hot because I love it!"

"I enjoy working as a team."

"I think P.E is fab!"

"During lessons I feel hot and my heart beat does increase."

"We do lots of stories in dance."

"I feel I have been active in my P.E lessons."

"My favourite aspect of P.E is doing the challenge in the lesson."

"I get hot and thirsty in lessons."


We will continue to monitor the impact of the funding to ensure high quality P.E for all.


Impact of Sports Funding in Extra Curricular Activities 2016/2017

Impact of Sports Funding in Inter School Competiions 2016/2017