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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending 17/11/17


smiley - 


Year One

  smiley Callum for working really hard on improving his reading.

   smiley  Sam - for great reasoning in Maths.

Year Two

 smiley Freya - for showing perseverance when problem solving.

 smiley  Madelyn - for working systematically to find all possibilities.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending:17/11/17



Year 3

 smiley Alissa - for always trying her best at everything we do - especially in her topic work this week.

 smiley Anthony - for putting lots of effort into his work Big Write planning this week.

Year 4

smiley Harry for producing an excellent, descriptive piece of work.

smiley Lily- for trying hard in all subjects and producing some really good work.

Year 5

smiley Mia Lucas for working really hard in his maths.

smiley Luke M  - for excellent writing in his newspaper article.

Year 6

smiley Jolie- for making a big effort in class and putting her hand up.

smiley Lewis for outstanding work in all areas.