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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending: 05/04/19


Year One

 smiley Oliviafor making improvement to her work when asked to read over it.

smiley Avafor being an extremely keen member of our class, always eager to answer any questions.

Year Two

 smiley Sam  - for using the methods taught in his maths assessments.

 smiley Logan- for trying his best and putting lots of effort into his work.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending: 05/04/19



Year 3

 smiley Bobby C for bringing his volcano project to school 3 weeks early and helping others with ideas for theirs.

smiley Ethan  - for his fantastic singing during Easter Service rehearsals.

Year 4

smiley Paige -smiley Callum E- for great work with co ordinates.

Year 5

smiley Aaron - smiley  Anthony B - for working hard on his fraction work.

Year 6

smiley Halliefor trying working really hard during English. 

smiley Levi- for trying hard in all areas.