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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending14/07/17


smiley - 


Year One

  smiley Elsiefor working hard in all areas of the curriculum.

   smiley Lexie- for looking for ways to improve her work.

Year Two

 smiley Callum E - for taking care with his handwriting and presentation.

smiley Mikey O - for trying hard with his handwriting.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending:14/07/17



Year 3

 smiley Harrison - for his interesting reasons about why Liverpool should be a world heritage site.

 smiley Ryan - for his excellent power point skills!

Year 4

smiley Mia- smiley Kelsey - for great computer work designing their DVD covers.

Year 5

smiley Nathen - for working hard in all areas.

smiley Ellie  - for always working to the best of her ability.

Year 6

smileyAsa- smiley Kierafor doing their part in the leavers mass so well.