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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending 15/03/18


smiley - 


Year One

  smiley Ethanfor coding work during ICT on Sratch Jrn.

  smiley Dominic - for reasoning in Maths.

Year Two

 smiley Lily Grace - for working hard when writing and completing the task.

 smiley Chloe - for lovely reading showing greater confidence.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending: 15/03/18



Year 3

 smiley Callum E -  for trying hard to get more of his work completed.

smiley  Harry - for making a big improvement in his spellings.

Year 4

smiley Tessie smiley Daniel- for working together to produce excellent Maths work on their challenge.

Year 5

smiley Mason - for being second on the leader board in the Sefton Sumdog competition.

smiley Michael for his handwriting attitude in Maths this week.

Year 6

smiley Jolie -for reading well during our rehearsals in church.

smiley Niall - for trying really hard in all areas.