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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending: 14/06/19


Year One

 smiley Ethan - for excellent behaviour and hard work all week.

smiley  Louis  - for trying really hard in phonics, and vocab,grammar,and punctuation. 

Year Two

 smiley Thomas  - for great enthusiasm in history lessons and demonstrating excellent knowledge.

 smiley Logan - for persevering with activities that he found difficult.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending: 14/06/19



Year 3

 smiley  Bobby C- for really working hard on his handwriting this week and proving to himself that he can do it.

 smiley  Madelyn- for working hard on concentrating when she does her work.

Year 4

smiley  -John  smiley - Alissa for never giving less than 100% in everything that we do!

Year 5

smiley Peter Lee   smiley - Laoise  for being excellent sports leaders.


Year 6

smiley Luke M- for swimming a whole length.

 smiley - Luke F for great skills during quidditch.