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School celebrations

The whole school celebrated their hard work throughout the Autumn Term at the Christmas Fair and Christmas disco!

Year 3 highlighted the importance of giving to others through their retelling of the Parable of Jesus feeding the 5000 in their Harvest Festival Assembly.

Thank you to all of the parents for their kind donations, which were gratefully received and will help to feed the homeless in Liverpool. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning

As part of our charity work we participated in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning organized by Macmillan Cancer Support.

A big thank you to the parents, pupils and staff for attending and raising a fantastic £880 for Macmillan Cancer Support!

School Council's Strand Partnership Meeting

Well done to all our children for their good attendance - what a fabulous time you had at the beach on Wednesday 5th July 2017!

Well done to everyone who participated in the Easter Bonnet and Easter garden. There were plenty of fantastic displays and some worthy winners.

Arts Festival

Arts Festival  1
Arts Festival  2
Arts Festival  3
Arts Festival  4
Arts Festival  5
Arts Festival  6
Arts Festival  7
Arts Festival  8
Arts Festival  9
Arts Festival  10
Arts Festival  11
Arts Festival  12
Arts Festival  13
Arts Festival  14
Arts Festival  15
Arts Festival  16
Arts Festival  17
Arts Festival  18

2016 Summer Fair!

2016 Summer Fair!  1
2016 Summer Fair!  2
2016 Summer Fair!  3
2016 Summer Fair!  4
2016 Summer Fair!  5
2016 Summer Fair!  6
2016 Summer Fair!  7
2016 Summer Fair!  8
2016 Summer Fair!  9
2016 Summer Fair!  10
2016 Summer Fair!  11
2016 Summer Fair!  12

School Council's visit to Formby Hall

Two school councillors were fortunate enough to be invite to Formby Hall golf club for a celebration day along with other schools from the strand partnership. The invitation came as a token of appreciation for St Robert Bellarmine for raising a huge £1,066 for the Oliver King Trust.   

Attendance Awards

Year 4 Brass Band and after school Brass Band were invited to The Bridgewall Hall in Manchester to play with 'The Hale Orchestra'. This was a fantastic musical opportunity and was enjoyed by everyone.
We recently celebrated Healthy and Active Week which is organised to promote healthy eating and drinking, being active and to encourage children to take part in more P.E and sport. We felt it was a fantastic opportunity to develop links with the local sport groups as the children were delighted to engage in various sports such as running, athletics, scootering, gymnastics and multi sports. We also had educated talks from local nurses who explained the importance of a healthy lifestlye.   

2016 Fun Run!

2016 Fun Run! 1
2016 Fun Run! 2
2016 Fun Run! 3
2016 Fun Run! 4
2016 Fun Run! 5
2016 Fun Run! 6
2016 Fun Run! 7
2016 Fun Run! 8
2016 Fun Run! 9
2016 Fun Run! 10
2016 Fun Run! 11
2016 Fun Run! 12
2016 Fun Run! 13
2016 Fun Run! 14
2016 Fun Run! 15
2016 Fun Run! 16
2016 Fun Run! 17
2016 Fun Run! 18
2016 Fun Run! 19
2016 Fun Run! 20
2016 Fun Run! 21
2016 Fun Run! 22
2016 Fun Run! 23
2016 Fun Run! 24
2016 Fun Run! 25
2016 Fun Run! 26
2016 Fun Run! 27
2016 Fun Run! 28
2016 Fun Run! 29
2016 Fun Run! 30
2016 Fun Run! 31
2016 Fun Run! 32

Summer 2016 saw children, staff and parents at St Robert Bellarmine celebrate another successful fun run in glorious sunshine. The event, which this year was set up to raise money for the Oliver King Trust, was enjoyed by parents, children and staff who all participated in the run and the dance performances from each year group. Many, many thanks to Mrs Hardman who choreographed the dance routines and to the volunteers who helped set up the event. 

Once again we welcomed another year of Sports Day were our exuberant children showcased their abilities by showing resilience, teamwork and at times putting others before themselves. They really shone and represented the school's values. Congratulations St Andrew's for winning the event and many thanks to volunteers for helping to set up and participate in the event.   

Year 6 Drumming Performance

Our talented year 6 pupils put on an excellent performance at St Robert Bellarmine and went on showcase their drumming expertise and entertain pupils and teachers at Savio Salesian College. A big thank you goes to the tireless efforts of Mr Bowen who has worked with the year group since September.  

Festive visit from community pensioners 2015

Years 1 and 2 were happy to entertain our community pensioners with an indulging festive nativity play. The performance was well received from our visitors who we are always delighted to accommodate at St Robert Bellarmine.    

We recently had a special visit from three members of the record breaking Smith family. The incredible brothers, who have recently made boxing history by becoming the first family of British champions, signed autographs, answered questions and led our excited children through their paces during a series of challenging circuits, hoping to inspire the next generation of boxing champions. A big thank you goes to Stephen, Liam and Callum for their influential visit as we wish them all the best for the future.