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Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

Miss Jones, Mrs Coyle and Mrs Briant welcome you to our website!


We will be adding lots of information and pictures throughout the year to share many of our exciting activities, special events and ‘wow’ moments of learning.


General Information


School starts with registration at 8:55am, please try to be prompt!


Snack money can be paid each week or for the half term, at £1.00 per week. Please try to bring this in as promptly as possible!


Please make sure that all of your child’s uniform and spare clothes (including shoes) have their full names in.


Important Dates


Friday 9th February – 9am Stay and Share

Friday 9th February – Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts) & Break up for half term

Monday 19th February – Return back to school

Friday 23rd February – 9am Stay and Play

Monday 12th March – Parents’ Evening

Friday 16th March – Non-uniform day (chocolates)

Friday 23rd March – 9am Stay and Share - Easter Bonnets

Friday 23rd March – End of term – 1.30pm finish


We are all looking forward to the fantastic year ahead!

Grandparents' Day

We all had such a brilliant day together as we shared our lovely classroom with our families! Whether it was with our great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunties or uncles we had smiles on our faces as we explored things together. We had lots to keep us busy, as we had challenges to make our faces using paper plates or to make Goldilock’s bed! We were all very creative!


During this topic we explored everything that makes us special and different and also things that we all have in common. We really enjoyed using the playdough to make many different facial expressions and we talked about things that make us feel these expressions. 

Myself and My Name

Our first R.E topic involves exploring our names and God's love for us. During some of our work we made these beautiful name collages to help us recognise our own names. They looked amazing!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

After reading the story we decided to get into character and be more like Goldilocks! We decided to see why she enjoyed baby bear's porridge so much. We ended up having a very delicious snack as we created our very own porridge mixtures! We even began to mark make to record which ingredient we were going to add to the porridge. 

Steve Anthony Book Study

We have been reading some very special books from a great author called Steve Anthony, they are Please, Mr Panda and I'll Wait, Mr Panda. We have loved joining in with the stories and learning more about why manners are so important. We have produced lots of creative things from these stories, including Mr Panda masks and doughnut collages! We hope you like them as much as we do. 


Within our maths activities we have been exploring shapes to help us make characters from our stories. Below are some pictures from our study of big, medium and small bears and our work on making faces. We also began to categorise these different shapes by their size and discover their names. 

Baking fun 

We had such fun baking biscuits to recreate Mr Panda's yummy creations from our story. We enjoyed all taking part in the different aspects of making biscuits and we were very impressed in how they tasted at the end! Delicious!

Magic Moments 1

Here are the photos to celebrate everything that we have already achieved so far! We were and continue to be amazed by the talent of the class and so happy to share these moments together. 

Child Initiated 

Have a look at some of the wonderfully creative child initiated activities your children have been getting up to below.


Ordering Sticks by Size

We explored the language of small, big, medium, tallest and smallest to compare and order a range of sticks by their size. 

RE Baptism and Families

We acted out our own service and we used props to explore what stages were involved. We also thought about our own families and how we all belong together and look after each other. 

Making Autumnal Animals

We have been studying the features and habits of different woodland creatures and have made these out of salt dough and play dough. Take a look!

Recognising numerals

Using the maths display to help us, we began to investigate the different numerals from 1-5. We matched the numeral to the correct Numicon shape and counted out this value in pegs. 

Friendship Week

During this week we looked at a book called 'Something Else' which helped us realise that everybody does look different and we still love them because they make us smile and help us have fun together. As part of our activities we used play dough to make the qualities of a good friend. We came up with many amazing things like giving hugs, sharing, playing games and smiling. 

Remembrance Collective Worship and Baking

We shared a very special collective worship together thinking about how war can be a scary time for many and we explored the symbol of the poppy as it grew after the war. We decorated our own poppies and made poppy biscuits. 

Mastery and Depth 

Here are some examples of the tcharts we have used to organise and sort different pictures. We have used them to compare the needs of different autumnal animals as well as to think about different big and small animals. 

Animals Shelter building

We applied our knowledge of big and small to construct habitats for animals of different sizes.

Maths Museums to explore different Numicon shapes

Collaborative Shelter Building

We worked in teams to select different materials to make warm, cosy and strong habitats for our hibernating hedgehogs!

Underwater Street Trip

We had such a fantastic trip altogether today! We made a HUGE variety of things such as reindeer food, melting snowmen biscuits, ornaments, bath bombs and slime!! On top of all of these amazing crafts we also watched a fascinating science experiment that explored how to make magnificent bubbles and launch rockets! We even squeezed in time to play in the amazing role play areas, where we could become hairdressers, builders, shopkeepers, vets, actors, chefs and many many more. 

Making churros and chocolate milk during Spanish

Exploring shape through Christmas trees

In groups we designed a range of Christmas trees, using larger shapes, then decorated these with the smaller shapes. We began to use positional language to describe our designs. 

Santa Dash

Magic Moments Autumn 2

For this Stay and Share session there was a special focus upon Communication and Language. We heard so many wonderful moments about the class' progress, particularly relating to their favourite stories!

Writing our names

We have been working very hard on exercising our shoulders, arms, hands and fingers to build up gross and fine motor skills. All of this hard work is definitely starting to pay off as you can see from our writing below! First we explored the shapes of the letters in the paint bags and afterwards we began working on our pencil grips and control to form our names on the boards. 

The Three Little Pigs 

This has been one of our favourite books yet! We loved creating artwork to represent the different houses, we also explored which characters felt happy or sad at different points in the story and how they changed and we even made maps of their village to use positional language! To finish it all off we produced some fantastic role plays to use familiar words and phrases from the story. 

Royal Banquet 

Through our study of fairytales and nursery rhymes we explored the concepts of more and less. In our maths groups we used numicon pegs to find out which plate would have the same, more or less. After this, we used numicon to prove the value in another way and we began to use tallies to record the quantity of each plate

Chinese New Year 

We are thoroughly enjoying finding out for about such a fascinating culture. In exploring the Chinese New Year we have already tried making fans for fine motor control when folding, made shakers to help celebrate in the parade and through transient artwork we have decorated fire breathing dragons. We have also deepened our learning by using think charts to sort the Chinese zodiac animals between loud and quiet. 

Chinese Spring Rolls 

To immerse ourselves further into the Chinese culture, we cooked and tasted some delicious spring rolls. First we explored the different ingredients and spices using our senses, then we used mark making to record which we would select for our own recipes. We then began making our spring rolls, we found it quite tricky to roll them as the filo pastry was so thin! But after a short time in the oven we were very excited to try our new creations!