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Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

Miss Jones, Mrs Coyle and Mrs Briant welcome you to our website!


We will be adding lots of information and pictures throughout the year to share many of our exciting activities, special events and ‘wow’ moments of learning.


General Information


School starts with registration at 8:55am, please try to be prompt!


Snack money can be paid each week or for the half term, at £1.00 per week. Please try to bring this in as promptly as possible!


Please make sure that all of your child’s uniform and spare clothes (including shoes) have their full names in.


Important Dates


Friday 28th September – 9am Stay and Play – Grandparents (more information to follow)
Friday 28th September – Grandparents’ Morning
Friday 28th September – MacMillan Coffee Morning – School Hall
Friday 12th October – Non-uniform day (children bring in unwanted toys or gifts for the Christmas Fair)
Monday 15th – Parents’ evening (a chance to discuss how your child has settled into the Nursery)
Friday 19th October – Stay and Share
Friday 19th October – break up for Half Term
Wednesday 31st October – Return to Nursery

Autumn Newsletter

All about me 

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, the children all studied their own faces and thought about their features and how they could use these to make different facial expressions. By looking in mirrors, they watched as their faces changed and they then talked about what emotion this revealed. Afterwards they made play dough models and began to think about times when they have experienced this emotion. 

Child Initiated Activities - Autumn 1

Here are examples of some of the things the children like to explore in their continuous provision time....

All Day Farm 

Today we had a very special day as we were surprised by the arrival of the farm! We got the chance to meet and stroke a horse, goat, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and even a snake! 

RE - Ourselves 

We have been thinking about what makes us so special and how our names are special to us. We also been using circle time to explore why God loves us all so much.

Maths - Big and Small

We have been using the language of big and small this week. This links to our story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. When comparing sizes the class have begun to use language of big, small, bigger, smaller and even medium! To apply and extend this knowledge we have used tcharts to sort pictures of different sizes and we have also drawn our family members and considered their different heights. 

Grandparents' Day 

We had such a lovely day sharing the Nursery with our Grandparents and other family members. It is very special to watch the children show their class off and to hear them chattering away about all their ideas and friends. Thank you to everyone who came for making it such a memorable day! 

Author Study - Steve Antony

For our Literacy topic we have been exploring the work of a brilliant author, Steve Antony. Through looking at his books of 'I'll Wait Mr Panda' and 'Thank you Mr Panda' we produced lots of brilliant work. The class have made their own Mr Panda masks, decorated doughnuts, retold the story and drawn the different characters. They are really enjoying the story and these books have encouraged them to really think about why manners are so important. 

Shape Exploration 

The children love accessing these shape pattern sheets during continuous provision. Have a look at some of their creations...

Numicon - Autumn 1

We have just started introducing the Numicon resources to the class. They are already becoming familiar with their corresponding numerical value. As part of our investigations we have made Numicon staircases (1-5) and used the tcharts to sort between big and small numbers and to correct Miss' mistakes. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

Today we made porridge and thought about what ingredients we would choose to make it just right, like Goldilocks did! 

Thank you, Mr Panda - Story map

As a group we became authors, using our own drawings to represent a main character or event in the story. Afterwards we sequenced our drawings and retold the story by using familiar phrases from the book.

Mr Panda - Maths Activities 

As part of our author study, we planned a range of maths tasks that were themed around the Steve Antony 'Mr Panda' books. Some of these can be seen below, on one activity the children completed a problem solving task whereby they were challenged to find all possibilities for decorating the biscuits and on another task the children decided which size of paper matched which size of present (big, medium or small). 

Observational drawing - Sunflowers

Halloween Craft 

The children really enjoyed making their ghost designs, first they explored a range of ghoulish facial expressions before chosing their favourite one. Afterwards they carefully painted the facial expression onto their own paper plates and attached the floaty bodies at the bottom. 

Autumnal Investigations

We have been finding out more about this fascinating season by exploring the different objects, creatures and changes associated with Autumn. As part of this we have made repeated patterns, designed playdough hedgehogs, ordered sticks by their heights and learnt how to do leaf rubbings. This is just a flavour of what we have been up to so far...  

RE - Belonging and Baptism 

As part of our recent RE topic we have been exploring how to welcome new babies and make others feel like they belong into God's special family. Below you can see photos of the children using role-play to practise welcoming a new baby and the drawings and play dough models the children made of their family. 

Maths Museums 

The children made their first ever maths museum today to show what the numbers 1-5 look like in different ways! Working in partners they explored how to organise a range of objects to ensure their counting was accurate and systematic. 

Maths - Repeating Pattern Necklaces

To consolidate previous work on repeating patterns, we explored how to use 2 or 3 colours to make a pattern. The class practised saying the sequence to themselves to check for errors and they began to justify what would come next. 

Maths TWIST Problem Solving 

To apply their knowledge of the Numicon staircase and the numerical value of each Numicon shape we set the children a challenge to correct errors in a staircase. After locating the error, the children were encouraged to justify and convince the adult about why it was wrong. Finally they built a new staircase underneath to prove their justifications. 

Making Animals Shelters for Big and Small Animals 

First we sorted range of animals on a tchart to categorise them by size. Afterwards we made  big and small shelter in pairs and then chose an animal to fit in either shelter. 

Trashion Show 

Thank you to everyone's involvement at home, the final products whether that be a bag, t-shirt or cape looked incredible! We are so appreciative of the time, effort and creativity that has gone into making these wonderful designs. To celebrate we had our very own Nursery catwalk, complete with music, lights and beautiful little models! Enjoy looking at some of their poses below...

Christmas trees - 2D shapes

We entered into the Christmas spirit today and explored 2D shapes through constructing tree designs. Afterwards we used smaller shapes to decorate them. We began to use positional language to tell others about where we had placed the shapes onto our tree. 

Underwater Street Trip 

We have had the most amazing day at Underwater Street! It has been a day very well spent from making Christmas baubles, magic reindeer food and bathbombs and watching science experiments to create volcanic eruptions, bubbles that defied gravity and rocket blast offs!