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Year 5

I came so that you may have life and live it to the full.

John 10:10

Welcome to the Year 5 Webpage


Mrs Devine and Mrs Rigby welcome you to the Year 5 page.  We look forward to showing you all of the wonderful things that happen in our class throughout the year.


General Information


The school day begins with registration at 8.55 am and we really appreciate prompt time-keeping to get the children off to a good start. 


Reading books should be brought in daily as the children may be asked to read throughout the week. It is important that the children read to an adult each night and their diaries should be signed and a comment written to inform of their progress. We will collect reading records in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Times tables will be given out on Monday so the children can practise each night and hand them in on Thursday


Spellings are given out each Thursday and the children are tested on these the following Thursday.


Maths and English homework will be given out during the week to reinforce work completed in class. 




The children go swimming each Tuesday. It is important that earrings are taken out prior to this as otherwise children will be unable to join in with the lesson due to Health and Safety rules at the baths. The children will also need their swimming costume, swimming trunks, a towel and caps are required for both girls and boys. 


PE takes place each Friday and it is important that the children have their full kit in school for the lesson. 


Important Dates:

Tuesday 5th September 

School Begins 

Tuesday 5th - Friday 8th September 

Keeping Safe Week

Tuesday 12th September 

School Council elections

Friday 15th September  

St. Robert Bellarmine Mission Day

Sunday 17th September 

The Feast of St.Robert Bellarmine 

Tuesday 19th September

Mass to celebrate Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

Wednesday 20th September 

Play In a Day- The Ancient Egyptians

Friday 29th September 

Macmillan Coffee Morning


Wednesday 11th October

DT - Egyptians

Friday 13th October 

Non Uniform Day- unwanted gifts

School Council Surgery

Monday 16th October 

Pupil Progress meeting

Friday 20th October 

Break up



Autumn Newsletter

Polling Day 

A big well done to everyone who took part in the school council elections and put themselves forward to be a councillor. The standard was very high and it was a very difficult job for the children to decide who to vote for. After listening to each candidates' manifestos they went to the polling station to cast their votes. Congratulations to our new year 5 councillors! 

Our Polling Station

Our School Mission 

During our first we back at school we spent time reminding ourselves of the school mission statement and how important it is to our lives in school in each day. For this years display we decided to draw pictures of ourselves as we are the ones who live out the statements every day in school. Year 5 children were also involved in this years Mission Collective Worship. 

Picture 1

Place Value

Maths lesson start with place value and we worked together to represent the place value of numbers up to 200,000. 

Our Place Value Maths Museums

Keeping Safe 

Year 5 discussed and researched the rules of the Green Cross Code and how we can keep ourselves safe when crossing the road. We then worked together to produce a poster to remind ourselves how we can cross the road safely. 

The Ancient Egyptians. 

In history we are studying when and where the Ancient Egyptian civilisation existed and we are learning about some of their may achievements. This week we had an Ancient Egyptian play in a day where we learnt about many different aspects of Ancient Egyptian life, including: building pyramids for the Pharaohs, that the Pharaohs were buried with their prized possessions to take on to the after life, that many people lived by The River Nile and would farm land there and the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. 

D&T Day - making a Sarcophagus.

We worked with Steph the specialist D&T teacher again today to make an Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus. We used cardboard to make the box and lid and then used syringes to make a hydraulic system so that the lids open by  themselves to reveal a mummy inside! We had a great day and the end results look fantastic. 


Anti-Bullying Workshop. 

During anti-bullying week 2017, we had the opportunity to watch a play all about bullying. The bully in the play didn't know the effect he was having on the victim. After a trip to school for superheroes the victim decided he had to tell someone. It worked and the two boys ended up quite liking each other in the end! 

Following the play we took part in an anti - bullying workshop and learnt all about how our body language and words can make knock someone's self confidence. We also thought about how we can shift the power from the bully to the victim. 

Viking Play In A Day

we also took part in a Viking Play In A Day. We learnt all about these Pirate Raiders from Scandinavia and how after a number of years they came to settle in England and made York or Jorvik their main city. 

HMRC Tax Facts 

During our maths lesson we were lucky enough to be vistied by two ladies who worked for HMRC. They came to tell us all about what Tax is and what it is used for. We learnt that we all pay tax, often without even realising it and these taxes are used to fund some very important things that we all rely on. For example our taxes are used to to fund the NHS, education, the emergency services, to keep are roads in good order, the armed forces and even the museums we visit. We also learnt about some very peculiar taxes from many years ago!! 

E - Safety 

In computing we learnt about how to keep safe online. We learnt about the SMART rules and produced a multi-media presentation about it to help spread the important message. 



Viking Long Boats D & T 

In Design and Technology with Steph, we made Viking Long Boats. We learnt how to make and use a hinge to make the boat bob about in the water. We also used design skills to design the boat decorating it with card.