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Sporting Events

     Sporting Events 2019-2020

Year 5 and 6 Boys Football Results

SRB 2 - 0 Rimrose Hope

SRB 3 - 0 Netherton Moss

SRB 1 - 1 St Mary's

Year 3 Multi-sports

On Friday 6th December, 8 Year 3 children took part in a Christmas themed Multi-sports event at King's Hawthorne. The children had an enormous amount of fun participating in this event. The children displayed a variety of skills; teamwork, cooperation and communication and problem solving throughout the morning. 

Well done Year 3 you represented our school very well!

"I loved the Christmas activities."

"We worked well together."

Aldi Sport Vouchers

The school, families and wider community helped us enormously by sending in and collecting the Aldi vouchers. Our Year 4 Sport Leaders collected the stickers every week and each Friday spent their lunchtime sticking them onto the enormous sheet of paper. Thank you so much Year 4 Sport Leaders.

Congratulations everyone, we collected 300 stickers and have sent our application off to try and win some money for our school. Fingers crossed!

Picture 1

Year 1 Multi-sports

Ten children - 5 boys and 5 girls took part in the South Sefton organised tournament on the 05/11/19. The children were excited to be involved in the competition. They participated well and with great respect for the other teams and and demonstrated a great team ethic. They won the 'Respect' award and the 'Teamwork' award.

Fantastic Year 1, you represented the school so well, we are all so proud of you.

"We were a bit nervous but had fun."

Picture 1

Goals Football Competition - Year 4 Boys.

The boys took part in the South Sefton organised tournament on the 27/10/19. The boys were highly motivated and enthusiastic to be involved in the competition. They participated well and with respect for the other teams and finished third out of five teams. A great team effort boys, well done!

"We felt like we had done very well."

Goals Football Competition - Year 5 Boys.


The boys took part in the South Sefton organised tournament on the 29/09/19. The boys played well as a team winning one match, drawing one match and losing two matches. All of the boys worked and communicated very well with each other.

"Everyone enjoyed it and worked well as a team."


Goals Football Competition - Year 6 Boys.


The boys took part in the South Sefton organised tournament on the 23/09/19. The boys played very well and with great respect for the opposition winning all of their pool matches. The semi-finals were contested between St Benedict's and Springwell and Our Lady of Walsingham and ourselves. The final was a great match between St Benedict's and ourselves with St Robert Bellarmine winning. 

What a fantastic start to the year boys, huge congratulations to you all!

"We were really happy, excited and were ready for the competition."

"We were the best because we won!"

Foot golf Competition - Year 4.

The Year 4 children took part in the South Sefton organised tournament on the 20/09/19 at Aintree. The children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine and finished a creditable 5th out of 6 teams. The children were all enthusiastic and motivated, well done Year 4!

"We felt happy that we were able to participate."


  School Games Award 2018-2019
We are pleased to announce that St Robert Bellarmine achieved the Gold Award in the School Games Mark Award for 2018/19.

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.  Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels.


The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport and we encourage and involve all children to participate in as much sporting activity as possible within our school.