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St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School

We are God’s work of art

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Religious Education




Our Mission Statement



We are God’s work of art

Be responsible for your own actions

Follow the light of Jesus

Include everybody

Be happy

Help each other

Be respectful

Work to the best of our abilities

Be friends with everybody

We want everyone to do their best in every way

Parents, teachers and children support each other




Our Mission Statement declares our commitment to support children in all areas of their development in a Catholic Christian setting, which has the child as the central focus.


Religious Education, by its nature, is concerned with the development of the whole child. In presenting the Christian vision of life, we seek to lead our children to discover purpose and meaning in their lives.


We believe that the distinctive character of the school arises from the beliefs and values which it communicates through every aspect of school life, and especially in the spiritual and moral development of its pupils.


Which Mission Statement is most important to you?


During our recent Mission Statement Day, the children thought carefully about which statement was most important to them and why. Here are some of their quotes:


"In my opinion, I think that following the light of Jesus is important because if you do that then you are also living out the rest of our statements and you will make other people happy." (Asa, Year 6)


"My chosen statement is be friends with everybody because it doesn't matter what we look like, or what our interests are, we should always be friends with each other no matter what." (Evie, Year 6)


"I have chosen be respectful because I think that it is important to always show respect to other people and their property. If we do this, the world will be a better place." (Lewis, Year 5)


"My chosen statement is work to the best of our abilities. I think you need to do this in order to succeed. We may not find things easy but if we work hard and try our best then we will will feel proud." (Adam, Year 5)




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