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Star of the Week

Infant Star of the week                 Week ending: 21/01/22


Year One

 smiley Emily P - for excellent work in RE.

smiley    Lucas S  for working so hard on his reading.

Year Two

 smiley Nancy G- for great recall of facts about Liverpool.

 smiley Pheobe Mc - for detailed writing about the Highway Rat.

Junior Star of the week                 Week ending: 21/01/22



Year 3

   smiley Leo R  -   for his perseverance during swimming.

smiley  Joseph P -  for proof-reading and editing his written work. 

Year 4

smiley Evie H  - for working really hard in all subjects.

 smiley  Louis E- for working really hard in all subjects.


 smiley Evie Mcfor her hard work, super effort and concentration skills.

smiley Dylan L for much improved attitude to learning and trying hard in his English and Maths

Year 6

smiley Lily R - for all her effort in her work this week.

 smiley Iyla B - for her lovely manners, her constant efforts and great attitude to her work