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Afternoon Activities (Science, Geography, Art)

For your Geography lesson this week, as part of your warm up activity, you will be recapping on compass directions that you learnt about in Years 3 and 4. Once you have completed this activity, please read the information and PowerPoint on Grid References and Ordnance Survey Maps. We have included a pack of flashcards that will support your learning during the whole unit so please refer to these when we set you your new weekly tasks.

As you can see, there is an activity sheet to be completed when working through the PowerPoint and we have attached two levels so please choose the level that you feel most comfortable in completing. This work may take longer than one session to complete so please choose another suitable time during the week to continue with this work. 

As part of your home learning before the Easter break, you were asked to research classification and in particular the 'Five Kingdoms'. 

This week, we would like you to read the PowerPoint which recaps on classification and choose one of the sheets from the 'Zoo Animal List' and use this to complete the Zoo Classification activities.

As part of your home learning before Easter, you were asked to research coasts. Therefore, for your artwork this week, we would like you to draw or paint an image of a coast. You can use the images on the PowerPoint above to help you or you can research your own images. Remember the techniques that you were taught in class when creating your beautiful landscape paintings last term and use these to help you. 

We look forward to seeing your finished creations. Remember to take your time - this is another activity that may take longer then an afternoon session so please don't worry if you spend longer on your art.