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The children in year six have been learning about China as part of multi-cultural week. The pupils used atlases and iPads to find out where in the world China was and some of its geographical features. 



You can see some of the posters produced by the children below. 


We also studied some traditional Chinese stories. One story was about an orphaned boy named Ma Lang who was given a magic paint brush in a dream one night. He used the paint brush to paint from the heart providing for the poor and needy. Although the evil emperor demands Ma Lang paints him a field of gold, he refuses and is cruelly imprisoned by the emperor. In the end however, good overcomes evil and Ma Lang escapes with the use of his magic paint brush. 


We put this story to music and performed a dance of Ma Lang and his Magic Paintbrush in our multi-cultural assembly. You can see the video of this on our Podcast page. 




We also looked at the traditional Willow Pattern plate which again tells a story of good overcoming evil. The story goes that the daughter of a very grand Mandarin falls in love with his servant boy. The Mandarin was furious when he found out, he imprisoned he servant boy in his garden and forbid his daughter from leaving the house. They both escaped and lived a happy life together far away; however, the Mandarin;s guards track them down and they are both killed. The Gods, touched by their love story, immortalise as doves which are painted on the Willow Pattern plates. 
Here are some pictures of our own Willow Pattern inspired plates, made from clay.