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Collective Worship

Do Your Best and Don't Give Up!

During SATs week we asked God to give us the courage to do our best and never give up. We remembered that we all face challenges and sometimes doubt ourselves; however, God is there to give us the strength to overcome these obstacles and never give up. 


We looked at great achievements of King David and how he overcame adversity to become a great king. He was also a fearless warrior who not only defeated Goliath but was victorious in other seemingly 'no-hope' battles. 

King David was the author of many Psalms in the Bible and at the heart of many of these stories is the love of God for each one of us and God's wanting us to be as He made us to be. Through that journey we must do our best... and not give up. 





Collective Worship: Do Your Best and Don't Give Up!

In our Collective Worship we focused on the theme of Advent. 


We thought about how people prepared for the coming of Jesus and how we are preparing to open our hearts to Jesus. 


Advent Collective Worship - Preparing.

Bible Readings and Prayers