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English Resources

Your English activities for Monday – Thursday this week are based on reflecting on your time at St Robert Bellarmine and also looking ahead to your future. On Monday, you have the exciting task of writing to the current Year 5 children and giving them some advice for their time in Year 6 next academic year. On Tuesday, you will step into our shoes and write your very own school report! Remember to be honest as you reflect on your time in Year 6 and think of all of the progress you have made and wonderful achievements that you have accomplished. On Wednesday, you will be asked to reflect on your time and journey throughout the whole of your school journey before completing your future dreams and aspirations on Thursday. We cannot wait to read and reflect on what you write and it is important that for those of you who are still working at home, you must ensure that you complete these activities they will help with your transition. Please email us with your completed work.


On Friday, you have a reading comprehension to complete based on Marcus Rashford. I am sure you will all agree that he is an extremely influential person who has worked hard to campaign for change .

As we always say, please choose the level of comprehension that you are most comfortable with.