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This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Welcome to Mrs Liggat's and Mrs Oldfield's Reception Class. On this web page we will be putting lots of information and photographs about all the exciting things we have been doing in our class throughout the year.


Academic Year 2017-2018


Here is some useful information for the term ahead:


Our school day begins at 8.55am each morning, please try to have the children on the playground for when the bell goes so the children can walk into class with their friends.


Our day finishes at 3.00pm and the Reception children will leave through the Nursery gate.


Your child will be given a book bag when they start school and this needs to be brought into school each day.


Each day the children will have a snack and the weekly charge for this is £1.00. We ask that this is paid to a member of the Reception staff each Monday morning.


We do P.E. on a Friday morning and we ask that the children have a labelled P.E. kit that is left in school. Our P.E. kit consists of a pair of dark shorts, a white t-shirt and black pumps. Please ensure that this is in a named draw string bag.



In the next few weeks, some of the children will start to bring home words they need to learn to sound out and read. These words will be stuck in the children's reading record books. When we feel your child is ready they will bring home a reading book. For some children they will bring home a book with no words and we ask you to use the prompt sheets to share the book with your children. Other children will bring home books with words. The children will need to be encouraged to sound out and blend the words in order to help them read the text.

When your child has finished reading each day, please make a short comment in the Reading Record book and then we know that they have read and their reading book will be changed.


Reading books are changed at least once a week providing the Reading Record book has been signed.


Each morning, except Friday, the children complete a Letters and Sounds session, where they learn sounds and how to use them in their reading and in their writing. 



At this stage we encourage the children to mark make as much as possible. This may take the form of drawing shapes, writing letters from their name and then eventually writing their first name and short words independently.


We encourage the fingers to hold a pencil correctly and we put a great deal of emphasis on correct letter formation.The children need to hold their pencil with just their thumb and forefinger - a pincer grip. (For help on this, please feel free to ask a member of staff.)


Our News, Your News Books

Each child has an Our News, Your News book which is to be backed at home to make it very personal to them. Please check your child's book bag to see if it is in there. If it is, a letter has been put in about our new theme with suggestions of some activities you may wish to undertake at home.


Magic Moments

Each half term we have a 'Stay and Share' session, usually a Friday morning at 9am. At this session we ask if you can stay with your child and read out their Magic Moment card. These cards are then placed on our Magic Moment cloud for the children and other visitors to see. Please keep an eye out for the Magic Moment card and an accompanying letter explaining exactly what we are looking for this half term. Please try to attend these sessions as the children really do love to have you there as they share their news with their friends.

Well done to Amelia Pilch Writer of the week, Oscar Leigh Mathematician of the week and Lewis Roberts Reader of the week!

Expressive arts and design - Painting ourselves, we looked carefully in the mirror to make sure we got the right colours.

Ipads in Reception - using the Colour Box app to draw a representation of themselves

Continuous provision - Child initiated play

Patterns - repeating patterns and making patterns

Problem solving - who is the tallest in your group? Convince me!

We made friendship hearts to give to our friends during Friendship fortnight.

We thought lots about what a good friend does and these are some of our ideas.

We set up a bakery in the role play area, the children decided they needed baker hats and so we made some. Lots of measuring was involved to make sure they would fit!

In our groups we retold the story of The Little Red Hen using the Book Creator app. We really enjoyed this activity!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Collective Worship - Remembrance Day

Autumn art work - weaving spider webs. Just look at the concentration!

Transient autumn art in Reception

Maths museums - the children love to find all kinds of ways of showing the number they are making in their museum. Look at all the different equipment they are able to use. They also love it when they have visitors to their museums!

We read the story of Rosie's Walk and we listened and watched it on Youtube. The children really enjoyed creating a group picture map to show the route Rosie took around the farmyard.

Learning about 2D shapes and their properties.

Judaism Week - the children were learning about Hannukah the festival of light with our Jewish visitor.

We had an amazing time at 'Imagine That' (Underwater Street). The children were involved in scientific experiments as well as exploring all of the different areas. They were all so well behaved and we had a great time.

Posting our invitations for our Christmas Play. We really enjoyed our visit to the Post Office. We hope our parents get a lovely surprise!

Thank you for replying to the children, they couldn't believe the postman had delivered letters for them. Their faces were an absolute picture. Thank you for supporting us as always!

'Robin Hood' the pantomime came to school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance getting really involved in the show.

A King is Born - we hope you enjoyed our Christmas Nativity Play.

We made Stickmen to go with the story of Stickman. We also wrote speech bubbles about what Stickman said in the story and they are up in class.

Winter transient art

Telling the weather forecast. We were weather forecasters during our theme of Winter.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

We made windsocks in class and then went outside to test them. We could really hear the wind rustling the tissue paper as we ran.

We have been learning to add using the 10 frames. We know that add means join together and we know that equals means equal value might look different. We also know the actions too!

We investigated ice to see if we could predict where it would melt first in our setting. We put our name next to the one we thought would melt and then we waited. We were so excited to see if our predictions as scientists were right!

We were scientists again when we predicted if the items were waterproof or not-waterproof. We tested our predictions and then swapped the groups we had put them in depending on our results. We then created a t-chart together as a class and then independently. We had great fun and I think we have some budding scientists in Reception!

PE in Reception - we have been doing gymnastics this half term. We have been working on balancing on different body parts. We have got really good at this and can hold our balances to the count of three!

Chinese New Year - Kung Hei Fat Choi! We had lots of fun making Chinese lanterns, making lucky red envelopes and writing Chinese characters.

To complete our Chinese New Year celebrations we had a Chinese banquet - it was delicious!!

Waterproof and Not-Waterproof t-charts.

Space - Reception homework projects. They are all amazing and they are on display with our astronaut in our setting.

Estimation Station - How many blocks do you think will measure the length of the rocket? Can you prove if your estimate is more, less or the same as the actual number?

Whatever Next role play. Working cooperatively to build a space rocket to re-tell the story of Whatever Next.

Making a museum for 5 using add and takeaway.

Winter fun in the snow. We had a fabulous time!!

Reception Mathematicians - Learning to add and takeaway using a Trio of Numbers!

World Book Day - 'Bee and Me' You all look amazing!!

Expressive Arts and Design - making glasses for a giant, aren't they wonderful?

Understanding the World - planting bean seeds. We hope they grow into a beanstalk as in the story Jim and the Beanstalk!

Our eggs hatched into gorgeous baby chicks, we had to be very gentle when we held them.

Reception Class Easter bonnet competition and Easter Stay and Share - how amazing do we all look?

We have been doubling and halving in Maths and we decided to use the ladybirds to help us do this as we are looking at minibeasts as our theme.

Independent doubling number sentences.

In Maths we used the shapes to create minibeasts with a double for the legs. EG 'double 3 makes 6.'

We applied our growing knowledge of whole and half to snack time. We have been learning the actions for whole and half and we have also been learning that the halves have got to be the same and when we join the 2 halves together it makes the whole!

Using a trio of numbers and the bar method to help us add and takeaway. In Reception we know that when you add you join 2 numbers together and that when you takeaway you take a smaller number away from a bigger number. We also know that = means equal value might look different. Finally we know that you have whole numbers and part numbers when you add and takeaway. What fabulous mathematicians we are in Reception.

Transient art pirate maps - complete with labels

We created our own pirate maps and added labels

Pirate writing - using adjectives to describe our pirates. We know an adjective is a describing word!

Pirate maths - estimating how many steps to walk the plank!

Pirate role play - shiver me timbers!

Pirate Day - ahoy me hearties!

Healthy and Active weeks - what an amazing range of activities we had the chance to explore. The Reception were class were fabulous!

Healthy pudding challenge! The puddings were delicious and we all enjoyed tasting them!

Acorn Farm Trip - what a lovely time we had holding and feeding many of the different animals. We also had a lovely picnic lunch in their 'peace garden.'

We also went to the Liverpool Academy on our school trip. Here we did lots of sport skills - we all took part in everything and at the end we were exhausted!