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This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24


Welcome to Mrs Liggat's and Mrs Oldfield's Reception Class. On this class page we will be putting lots of information and photographs about all the exciting things we have been doing throughout the year.

Make sure you check to see what the children have been doing.


Academic Year: 2018-2019 - below is some useful information for the year ahead:


Our school day begins at 8.55am each morning, please try to have the children on the playground for when the bell goes so they can walk into class with all their friends.


Our day finishes at 3.00pm and the Reception children are picked up from the Nursery gate.


Your child needs to bring their book bag to school every day.


We do P.E. on a Friday afternoon, please make sure a labelled P.E. kit is in school for this. The P.E. kit consists of a pair of dark shorts, a white t-shirt and a pair of black pumps. Please ensure that it is a named draw string bag.



In the next few weeks the children will start to bring home some words and we ask that you work with your child on learning them.When we feel your child is ready they will start to bring home a reading book. Some children will bring home a book with no words and we ask you still to share the book discussing what is happening in the picture, what the character might be saying or feeling etc. Some children will bring home books with words and we ask you to encourage them to sound talk and then read the words. Each day when your child has finished reading we ask that you fill in the Reading Record book noting down how they did, if they enjoyed a particular part and why and if they enjoyed the book they were reading. If you comment on how your child has done we will know that they have read at home and will look to change their reading book.


Reading books will be changed once a week providing the Reading Record book has been signed.


In addition the children will be able to bring home a library book that will be changed on a Friday providing the previous book has been returned.


Each morning, except for Friday, the children complete a phonics session where they learn sounds and how to use them in both their reading and writing. It is vitally important that the children are in on time so they do not miss this session.



At this stage we encourage the children to mark make as much as possible. This may take the form of drawing shapes, forming letters in their name and then eventually writing their first name and short words independently. 


We encourage the children to hold their pencil with a pincer grip and put a great deal of emphasis on correct letter formation. The children need to make a fist and then nip their thumb and forefinger together, these are the two that hold the pencil and the other 3 fingers remain in a fist. (For help on this please feel free to ask a member of staff.)


Our News, Your News books

Please check your child's book bag to see if this book is in there. If it is, a letter has been stuck in with suggestions of activities you might like to undertake with your child on a theme we will be working on in class.


Magic Moments

Each half term we have a 'Stay and Share' session, usually a Friday morning at 9.00am. At this session we ask if someone can stay and read out there Magic Moment card. These cards are then placed on our Magic Moment Tree for the children and visitors to enjoy. Please look out for the Magic Moment card and an accompanying letter explaining exactly what to do. Please do try to have someone attend these sessions as the children love to share their Learning Journeys and their news.








Artists - the children have been expressing themselves using paint, what a lovely time they had creating their first paintings in Reception.

More artists - using the small parts available and the picture frames the children worked very hard to create some wonderful pictures and pattern pictures. Amazing!

Maths - data handling - the children made pictograms of eye colour in their group. They had to place their eye correctly and the use the maths words 'more' and 'less' to discuss what they could see. We are super mathematicians in reception.

Maths - the children were working hard building a Numicon staircase, adding digit cards and then counting out pegs accurately.

Alldays farm came to visit Nursery and Reception. What a wonderful time we had stroking and looking at the animals. We also found out lots of new things. Thank you very much!

Maths - creating repeating patterns using 2 and 3 colours.

Maths - Problem solving - Who is the tallest and shortest in you group?

Expressive Art and Design - we observed sunflowers very carefully looking at shape and colour. We then painted and drew the sunflowers. We think ours are as good as Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers!

Physical Development - outdoor play. Look at the great fun we have in our Reception garden!

We went to Mass in our Church. We were so good and listened to the story and prayers all about Jesus. Thank you Father Barry for inviting us.

Maths - Reasoning - Which is your favourite Numicon shape pattern and why?

Daily Mile Challenge - We ran four laps of the big playground, we felt exhausted, out of breath and tired, but also fit and healthy. Well done Reception, Mo Farah better look out!

Stay and Share - what a wonderful morning we had with all the parents and grandparents. The children loved sharing their Learning Journeys. It was such a special time.

Friendship Week - we made a heart to give to our special friend.

The Little Red Hen - we read the story and then we all decided we would be a good friend and help Mrs O bake bread. Each group had a turn at baking and we learned lots of new baking words. Each day we tasted the bread that had been baked. It was delicious and Mrs O was so pleased we all helped her!

Baker hats - as we have had a baker shop in our role play area we decided we all needed a baker hat. All of the children developed new skills of measuring in order to help their friend make a hat that was the right size. We are loving wearing them in the role play area.

Remembrance Day - Collective Worship - the children gathered together for a special collective worship. They listened to music, watched a short film and said prayers. It was a very special reflective time.

Autumn transient art - isn't this squirrel absolutely adorable!

Mathematics - making museums. The children have loved the maths this week. We have been creating museums for different numbers making sure all of the exhibits for the number are different. We are learning how to prove it now!

The Little Red Hen - the children were authors and added their own text and speech to their stories. We think they are amazing and we hope you do to.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Children in Need - Pyjama Day. Thank you for your generous donations.

The children wrote invitations to invite their families to our Christmas Play. We then put them in envelopes with the address on and then took them to the Post Office to buy stamps and then post them. We then waited and were very excited to receive a letter or card from home. The postman delivered the replies to us and we had a lovely time sharing our replies with each other.

Reception and Nursery performed their Christmas play - A Little Bird Told Me.' All of the children sang and acted beautifully and it was a wonderful celebration of the Nativity story.

3D shapes - learning their names and their properties. The children are growing in confidence in learning the names of 3D shapes and some of their properties. We are learning to use the correct mathematical vocabulary such as - face, edges, vertices, curved, point.

Stickman - we have been studying this book in our Literacy sessions and decided to make our very own representations of Stickmen. We used sticks that had been collected and a pipe cleaner for arms and finally added a face and some features.

Isaac House - the people from Isaac house came to visit us, they are a charity that our school is supporting this year. They told us about a family that they are trying to raise money to build a house for. They asked us if we could collect pennies to send to help with this. We have a big jar that is nearly full with money now. Well done Reception children and parents.

Finding All Possibilities - Using Stickman we looked at how many different Stickmen we could make using 3 different coloured hats and scarves and 2 different coloured hats and scarves. The children worked exceptionally hard and also tried to record their findings.

Making a habitat for Stickman. We wanted to make a new habitat for Stickman as in the story he was outside in the snow and ice. We decided it needed to be warm and comfortable and cosy. The children worked in groups using a variety of resources to create their habitat. They loved finding solutions to the problems they encountered and really enjoyed putting Stickman in his new home when they had finished. The children went onto complete and S W SW t-chart thinking about the strengths, weaknesses and what could be done differently next time.

Transient Winter Art - the children had a great time using the resources available to make their Winter art pictures. They carefully selected the objects and were rightly delighted with the outcomes.

Mathematics - using the 10 frames to add and then recording our number sentences. Wonderful Reception Mathematicians!

Reception Scientists - Understanding the World - the children had to predict where they thought the ice would melt the quickest. They placed their names for their prediction and then watched all morning to see what was happening. We talked about what was the best place and why. We then worked together to complete a cross-classification chart and the children added their wonderings demonstrating an understanding of the experiment carried out.

Windsocks - the children made their own windsocks and then took them outside to test. They loved the fact that they could hear the wind whistling through them as they ran.

Making kites - we watched Let's Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins as our stimulus. The children were then invited to create their own kite using the resources available. The concentration and resilience was great to see and their faces when they got to take them home were also a picture!

Waterproof and not-waterproof. Initially we discussed the words waterproof and not-waterproof. The children were asked to predict if they thought the objects would be waterproof or not-waterproof and then place them on a t-chart accordingly. The children then took the objects into the conservatory to test and finally amended the t-chart once the investigation was complete.

Mathematics - counting out accurately using two hands on the 10 frame.

Making snowflakes - we discovered that every snowflake is different and so the children were challenged to create a snowflake unlike anyone elses. The children used the beads provided and set about creating their snowflake, we think they look beautiful!

Chinese New Year - painting Chinese characters

Chinese New Year - transient art, dragon making!

Multicultural Art - China - we decided to celebrate the Year of the Pig in our art display. The children each created their own pig face to create the body of the dragon. We then created a dragon head and the pig faces were used to create the body of the dragon. We think he looks fantastic on display in the school hall!

Mosaic art - we are helping to create the rainbow to go on display in the school courtyard as part of a whole school art project with Mrs Thompson.

Chinese Banquet - we finished off our Chinese New Year celebration by having some Chinese style food for our snack. It was delicious - Kung Hey Fat Choi!

Maths - making museums using the resources in the setting

Maths - Estimation Station - how many blocks do you think will measure the length of the space rocket? Can you check to see if you were right? Record your estimate and the actual.

Maths - adding and taking away using a trio of numbers

Space - building a space rocket and creating a galaxy complete with labels

Planting beans - in response to our Jim and the Beanstalk story we planted our own beanstalks - we hope they grow and we hope they are magic too!

Maths - adding and taking away using the bar model and a trio of numbers

Our Mother's Day assembly - we hope you all enjoyed it, we loved performing it for you!

Giants glasses - in response to the story Jim and the beanstalk the children became oculists and created their own glasses for themselves or the giant. We think they are amazing!

Easter bonnet and garden parade. Congratulations to our winners!

Minibeast hunts - we searched for and then recorded the minibeasts we found in our garden

The RSPB came to help us in our search for minibeasts. We hunted around the whole of school and had a great time identifying and discussing the details of these creatures.

In class we worked in groups to decide how to sort the minibeast creatures. We then placed them in hoops to create sets that we talked about. We all decided to sort the creatures into those that have wings and those that have no wings.

Acorn Farm - we visited the farm and had a fantastic morning feeding, holding, looking and learning about the animals on the farm We also remembered to wash our hands before we enjoyed our picnic lunch!

The Liverpool Academy - we visited the academy for an afternoon festival of multi skills with other Reception classes. The children demonstrated spatial awareness, the ability to have a go and above all else resilience. Well done, you were all amazing!

Halving and doubling - using the ladybirds the children demonstrated a great understanding of halving and doublingand also the ability to record these as add and takeaway number sentences. What amazing mathematicians we are!

Again we used the ladybirds to double and halve and this time the children said the add and takeaway number sentence to go with their ladybird. Great job Reception!

Symmetry - we used the shapes to create symmetrical patterns.

We are learning to add and takeaway using a trio of numbers, the bar model and writing our number sentences. We are extremely proud of ourselves!

We are learning to add and takeaway using a trio of numbers and we can record our number sentences!

Mark making in continuous provision. We really concentrated until we were happy with our creations!

Dancing in the sunshine. We used the Reception garden for dance with Mrs Hardman. We had a lovely time moving to the music outdoors.

Working cooperatively to create a pirate ship for small world play.

Reception taking part in the South Sefton Schools daily mile event. What fantastic runners and so much stamina!

Shiver me timbers, it's pirate day in Reception!

Walking the Plank Estimation Station - How many steps do you think it will take to walk the plank?

Pirate Day picnic - no rum in here, just juice!

Healthy and Active weeks. During these two weeks the children have a wide variety of opportunities to develop their skills of balance, running, jumping, throwing, kicking, team work and cooperation and we all have great fun while actively engaged.









Healthy eating - fruit and vegetable kebabs

Healthy Pudding Challenge - what a feast we had, they were all super delicious and very healthy. Well done boys and girls!

Walk to school challenge - Reception had the most children walk to school despite the awful weather. Well done to all the families!

School Nurse - dental hygiene and hand washing