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Week 2 - 30.03.20

Week 2 - 30.03.20


Hi Year 3,


I hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying your time at home with your family. We are missing all your chatter and craziness in our class! Can you all give your parents a message from us to say thank you for supporting you in all your activities? We really appreciate all the hard work that is going on in each of your homes!


Keep working hard on the activities that are being provided for you. Remember to spread these activities out across the week. If you haven’t started on your volcano or plastics projects, why don’t you work on one this week and save the other one to complete over Easter? (In between eating all that chocolate of course!) 


It’s really important that you keep up with your reading. Like we say in class – even if you only read for ten minutes per day it makes such a big difference!  You could keep a record of all of the books you have read to share with us in school. Can you give them a rating out of 5 so we know what types of books you like to read? 


Have any of you been keeping fit with Joe Wicks each morning? We would love to see your updates on this! 


I have been checking in and challenging you on TTRockstars. Who is going to be good enough to beat me?! I hope all of you!! Remember to play 10 games in the studio first and then move on to the rock battles to get yourself on the leader board. This way you can see how much you have improved since the beginning of your time on the app!


I am so sorry that we didn’t get to complete our book ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams, as I know how much you were enjoying listening to it! Don’t worry though, I’ve got some work for you to do on this story after Easter! Have you seen that ‘Gangsta Granny’(another of his books) is available to watch now? Why don’t you watch it and write a film review this week? I would love to read them!  He is also reading a short story every day for you listen to! This would be a great activity to do with your family! Could you make a list of your favourite stories that David Walliams reads?


Any work that you complete and are proud of share it with us through Twitter using @stbellarmine and #Y3SRB. I can’t wait to see all the finished volcano projects! Do you think you could take videos of them erupting to share on Twitter? We would love to see your hard work! 


I will send you another message soon and can’t wait to see your twitter updates!  


Keep safe Year 3!


We are missing you all! 


Miss Durnin and Mrs McBride 

I want you to continue with the work in your pack from last week as there was a lot to get through. I have included additional work for this week to also keep you busy. Remember to spend time every day on TTRockstars and I want you all to complete the challenge I have set you in the RockSlam! 



Each child has been assigned a book to read on


Please check your email for log-in instructions. A new book will be assigned to your child each week. It is so important that they spend some time reading each day.

Your focus this week should be on Unit 9 - Week 2.


This is a chance for you to consolidate your learning from last week. Remember to practice your spellings into your handwriting book and also complete the activities in your spelling activity book. 

We have been reading David Walliams 'Billionaire Boy' in school and I know how much you have all loved it! This week BBC put up another of his stories on iPlayer to watch. (  


I want you all to watch the movie and complete your own film review. I would love to see you sharing these on Twitter! Why don't you record yourself reviewing the movie as well as writing one? 

Sticking with David Walliams, I also want you to listen to his free audio books this week.

Complete the review list with your reasons for liking and disliking them. The link to the stories is on the document! 

The activities in this booklet are revision of your learning from the beginning of Year 3. There are lots of activities in here so work through as many as you can. These should also keep you busy over Easter, so don't try to complete them all this week!