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Year 2

In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work like you are working for the Lord, not for people.

Colossians 3:23



Year Two

General Information



The school day begins with registration at 8.55 a.m and we really appreciate prompt time-keeping to get the children off to a good start.


Reading books should be brought in daily as we hear pupils read on different days of the week. Please read a little each night with your child and ask them questions about each page as this really helps to develop their understanding of what they have read. It also helps to prepare them for SATS in May. Please also sign the diary as a record of how they got on.


Homework for English, Mathematics and Spellings are given every Friday to be handed in on Monday. We really appreciate you sitting with your child as the homework reinforces what they have been learning in class, handwriting and spelling are also very important to think about. 


Children keep their spellings for a week and are tested on Fridays.  Some of the spellings will be given in a sentence to check that the children can apply the spellings to their own work.


Dinners are free for all children in year 2. Could you please inform us if your child is changing their choice of dinner on a Monday to help us with ordering lunches.


We have an action packed year planned and we will be posting pictures and information about school trips and activities very soon- so watch this space and enjoy finding out what your children have been up to so far!

Important Dates

22.04.19 - Bank holiday

06.05.19 - Bank holiday

08.05.19 - Plastic recycling challenge

24.05.19 - Non uniform day - toys

24.05.19 - Finish for half term


03.06.19 - Return to school

03.06.19 - Healthy and Active fortnight

10.06.19 - Phonics screening week 

14.06.19 - Fun Run

18.06.19 - Class Trip

28.06.19 - Sports Day 10am

05.07.19 - Non uniform day - bottles

12.07.19 - Summer Fair

19.07.19 - Children finish for summer 1.30pm


School Council 


At the beginning of the year we thought about how we are a democratic society and how our school shows democracy through the school council. We were all given the opportunity to submit an application to become the year 2 representatives for our school council, the school council then shortlisted 4 candidates after reading these. The candidates made a speech to our class, setting out our aims and goals. Our class then had a difficult job. They had to think very carefully about who they thought would be best candidate to represent year 2.  We went to the polls where we were all given the opportunity to vote for who we thought would do a great job for our class and school. Our two new councillors were been decided! Good luck to you both.

School Councillors

We also chose sports leaders to represent year two throughout the year. Good luck!

Sports Leaders

Speak out, Keep Safe with the NSPCC


We had a visit from Buddy the speech bubble today who is the mascot for the NSPCC Speak out, Keep Safe campaign. This was to make sure children have the knowledge and understanding they need to keep themselves safe.

Speak Out, Keep Safe

Mission Day

We start each new year looking carefully at our schools mission statement. We think about what each one means and how we can carry them out in our life in school.

Mission Display


Each week Mercedes takes groups to learn about different aspects of Spanish culture. We all look forward to our turn.


Spanish Dancing

Show racism the red (and blue) card!


Our school supported the show racism the red card initiative. We thought about what racism meant and what we should do to stop it. We wore red or blue clothes to show our support.

Give racism the red card!

Liverpool - What was life like around 100 years ago?


We began our History topic working with Barry from Altru Drama. We learnt and performed Liverpool the Pool of Life. This set the scene giving us information about Liverpools history from King John to the three graces ending with a rousing version of Ferry Cross the Mersey! We all learnt so much! Thank you Barry!

Our homework projects this half term were about Liverpool. We thought about famous places, landmarks and important events in history. Thank you all so much for your hard work they were all amazing.
We held a collective worship for remembrance day, during this we thought carefully about poppies being a symbol to remember all of the people who have given their lives for their country. We also focused on World War I as it is an important event from 100 years ago that we look at in history lessons.

Friendship Week


As part of friendship week Altru Drama came to perform a play called Time to be Different. This taught us that it is ok to be unique and different. We are all important and need to treat every one with respect.

DT and Science


We worked with Steph to make cars that could carry our toys. We began by choosing an appropriate material to make our cars and chose cardboard because it is light, flexible and easy to cut. We made the chassis by bending and gluing pieces of cardboard together, then we cut shapes to make the sides of our car and attached those. We used strips of card to strengthen the front, roof and top. Finally we decorated them in our art lesson.

Designing and making cars

Odd Sock Thursday!


We all wore odd socks today in support of anti bullying week. It is a chance for us to celebrate that we are all individual and unique! 

Odd Socks Day

Children in Need


We had a pyjama day today to support Children in need, we all appreciate how lucky we are and very generously donated money to help those less fortunate. So far our school has raised nearly £360! Thank you so much.

Children in Need

House, Home and Washdays!


We braved the weather on Thursday to visit the Liverpool Maritime Museum to find out what life was like 100 years ago. We found out what it was like at home when we visited the Piermaster's house. We looked at what we use today to wash and clean our clothes compared to in the past. We used real and replica equipment while we were there. We made soap flakes, used tongs for clothes in the dolly tub, used a posser and dolly stick and handled a dolly stick and washboard. We used a mangle to squeeze out extra water before hanging the clothes on a washing line. It was interesting to see how different the irons were 100 years ago and how they had to be heated on the fire before they were used.

House, Home and Washdays

Titanic Storytelling


After Christmas we will be learning all about the Titanic and its links to Liverpool so while we were at the Liverpool Maritime Museum we took part in a Titanic storytelling session. We began by sharing what we already knew about the Titanic. We then explored what life was like at that time especially what travel was like and toys in particular. We all then took part in telling the story of Polar the Titanic bear. The story was adapted from an original written by a first class passenger called Daisy Corning Stone Spedden. She survived the fatal voyage with her family and went on to write the story for her son, Douglas. We all played different characters in the story and were shown the actions and words to perform. There were lots of costumes, hats and a toy polar bear for us to use. Through this story we learnt about different aspects of the Titanic and its rescue.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Christmas cheer has been coming thick and fast in Year 2! This week we have performed our play The Inn-spectors to the school, our families and our local pensioners group. The children performed amazingly well and made us all very proud. 

Today was Christmas jumper day and we took part in a Santa dash. It warmed us up on a very cold day.
We have been busy making Christmas cards, wreaths and stockings to take home.
Thank you so much for attending our Christmas Fair and supporting our school. We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and look forward to the New Year.

Christmas Fair

Other Faiths


This week we have been learning all about Islam as another faith. We had Layla visit school to explain about Islam, we learnt all about prayer and the five pillars of Islam. We followed this by visiting the Al-Rahma Mosque in Liverpool where we learnt all about what happens in a Mosque and discussed diversity.

The Day the Crayons Quit


For World Book Day the whole school worked on the story The Day the Crayons Quit. In year two we thought about how we can give reasons to support our opinions. We thought about which crayon was the most useful, the least useful, our favourite and our least favourite crayon. We also thought about what would happen if other items decided to quit like his lunchbox or pencil. We wrote letters from their point of view.

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayon Quit

Easter Fun!

Thank you so much for the 'eggcellent' creations. The hats and Easter Gardens are amazing. Congratulations to the winners of the Easter competition and our Chocolate Hamper raffle winners. Have a 'cracking' holiday!

Recycling Plastic Challenge - Windchimes


We had a whole school challenge to recycle plastic to create windchimes. We were overwhelmed at the response from you all, we had so many beautiful creations. Recycling plastic is very important because plastics make up a huge amount of our waste and take centuries to break down in landfill sites or the ocean. In Britain we throw around 8 billion bottles a year! As you can imagine there are lots of risks to our environment because of this so we need to think about the importance of recycling to prevent these.

Daily Mile

Today we took part in a daily mile event. All pupils in Merseyside primary schools were asked to take part to promote the importance of it. #dailymile

Healthy and Active Fortnight


We have got an exciting two weeks ahead of us! We are taking part in lots of different activities to learn about how we can keep ourselves both healthy and active. We are going to try many different sports and have lots of visitors who will give us important information. We can't wait!




Monday - Gymnastics with Sam

Tuesday - Athletics with sports leaders from our local secondary school

We also brought in healthy puddings that we had designed and made at home. They were delicious!

As part of Healthy and Active week we took part in workshops ran by our school nurse team. We learnt how to make fruit smoothies, how to wash our hands correctly and all about dental hygiene. Thank you all for helping us!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter well known for creating portraits made entirely from objects like fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and books! We have been studying his work and have designed our own portraits using fruit and vegetables and we made fruit and vegetable faces. Can you see the resemblance?

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - design

Special Treasures


Today we performed an assembly all about what we treasure and why. We realised that we are all special treasures and we show this by how we act. We used the story of Levi from St Luke's Gospel to demonstrate how we can change how we act to show our treasures to everyone around us.


Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside!


As part of our geography topic we visited Southport. We looked at the physical and human features there and used these to think about why it was a popular holiday destination in the past. We visited Lord Street, the pier and the Botanic Garden.

African Masks

We researched African Masks and used this information to design our own. We thought carefully about the appropriate colours, shapes and patterns to use. It was interesting to discover that the masks were generally symmetrical. When we had completed this we created our own mask using clay. We rolled out the clay and cut out the shape, then we cut out the shapes and patterns we needed to decorate it. It was important that we attached these carefully so that they did not fall off. Once the masks were dry we selected paint to match our designs.

Colomendy Fun Run


We took part in a sponsored fun run to support our Year Six trip to Colomendy. We had lots of fun dressing up to take part and enjoyed running together. Thank you for your generosity!

Colomendy Fun Run

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