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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

"In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work like you are working for the Lord, not for the people"

Colossians 3:23

Mrs Connell and Mrs Bonner would like to welcome you to our Year 2 class page for 2019-2020. Our aim is to keep you informed of things that are happening in our class.

Autumn Term

Dates for Your Autumn Diary 

Autumn 1

  • Friday 11th September: Mission Day
  • Thursday 17th September: St Robert Bellarmine Feast Day
  • Wednesday 7th October: Play in a Day - Liverpool The Pool Of Life 
  • Wednesday 14th October: Y2 DT 
  • Monday 19th October: Pupil progress calls
  • Friday 23rd October: Non-uniform day (wearing red or blue to say NO to racism)
  • Friday 23rd October: School closes for half-term (3pm)



Autumn 2

  • Tuesday 3rd November: School reopens
  • Friday 20th November:  Children In Need 
  • Friday 18th December: Term finishes @ 1:30pm

RE - The Christmas Story


We acted out the Christmas story to remind ourselves of how special it is. We all took on different roles.

Christmas book of the day


Each day we unwrap a different Christmas of Winter themed book to read.

Today we read Let it Glow, A Winter's Walk by Owen Gildersleeve. We loved the illustrations and the twinkling lights.

Design & Technology - Textiles 'Trashion Show'


Well done to everyone who took part in this years 'trashion show' - your designs were fantastic. The children have been working hard to design and make a new stylish product from an old T. shirt. Some people made new creations, cushions, bags and hats.. The project made us think about the importance of recycling, so that we can cut down on the waste we produce and look after our world better. 

DT - Textiles


We started our DT topic by reading The Rainbow Fish and looking at our design brief. We discovered that we had to make a fish character to go with the book. We evaluated other existing products and discovered that they were mainly made using fabric and that the fabric was joined using stitching. After evaluating existing products the first thing we needed to do was to learn how to do a running stitch.

We used the running stitch that we had learnt to attach the two sides of the fish together. Next step decorating using our plan and evaluating our product.

RE - Advent Collective Worship


We thought about Advent in Collective Worship, Advent is a time for preparing and waiting for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. This year Advent begins on 29th November. 

DT - Making a 4 wheeled vehicle


We worked with Steph to design and make a 4 wheeled vehicle. Steph gave us all a design criteria for our vehicles. They had to fit a toy driver in, carry the driver when moving without the driver falling out and the bearings must hold the axle in the correct place securely. We made the chassis then used cardboard to make the body because we knew that the properties of cardboard meant it could be cut, bent and folded. We all learnt some new vocabulary  like axle, bearing, chassis, boot, bonnet and body. Thank you so much Steph.


Say No To Racism - give racism the red card


Today we all came together to wear red and blue to support the 'Say No to Racism' campaign. We thought carefully about how we all deserve to be treated fairly and are welcome in our school.

 Our school supports everyone and does not accept any forms of racism. 

RE - Beginnings - Psalm 19 is a song of praise to God


We have read psalm 19 and recognised that it praises God for the wonders of creation. We listened to 'Morning' from the Peer Gynt Suite and created a dance of celebration inspired by the psalm.

Hello Yellow!


We raised awareness of mental health by wearing yellow and discussing ways in which we can have positive mental health. We supported the charity Young Minds and reminded ourselves that we are never alone, there is always someone to talk to.

DT - Desk Organisers


We worked with Steph to design and make desk organisers today. We thought about the shapes that we wanted to make the containers and selected a template to divide the cardboard into the correct number of sections. Then we folded the sections and stuck the tab down to make the outside of the container. We used pegs to hold the tab in place until the glue had dried. We did this for three different sections. When we had finished we attached the containers to a base board so that we can use them. 

History and English - The Pool of Life (Local history of Liverpool


Today we worked with a drama company called Altru to produce a play called The Pool of Life. This documented the local history of Liverpool from the ice age, King John, The Beatles, football and  history of important buildings! We loved having fun while learning historical facts and improving our speaking and listening skills. At the end of the day we performed our play to the rest of the school. Thank you so much Barry!

Macmillan Coffee Morning and Collective Worship


Today we celebrated the Macmillan Coffee Morning a little bit differently. We started off by thinking about all of those people who help us when we are sick especially those people who work with Macmillan. Then we took part in a Collective Worship where we prayed for those people who help us when we are sick and those who are sick. At playtime we bought cakes to raise money for the charity. As a school we raised over £800! 

Art - Observing the skyline of Liverpool


We worked in art partners to look closely at the skyline of Liverpool to see which buildings we could identify. We researched the name of the buildings that we could see and named the shapes that we could use to draw the skyline ourselves. We recognised that we could recreate the skyline by breaking the buildings into the shapes. 


Next lesson we focused on the Liver Building and identified the shapes that we could break the building into. We found rectangles, squares and semi circles. We used this knowledge to help us sketch the outline then add detail. They turned out really well!

Finding All Possibilities (Maths)

In maths we have been solving problems. This week we have been looking at how we can solve problems by finding all possibilities. We learnt that to do this we needed to work systematically so that we knew that we had them all and could identify any repeats. We also looked for any patterns that we found.

British Values - Democracy

Today we went to the polls to vote for our new year two school councillors. All of the children who wanted to be considered for the job had to complete an application form saying why they would make a good school councillor and what they would like to do. These application forms were submitted and then shortlisted. Those children on the shortlist presented their ideas to the class before voting. Well done to our two new councillors!

Our candidates

Year Two School Councillors

Mission Display (art, PSHE and English)


At the beginning of every school year we think about our Mission Statement and how we can carry it out so that our school is a safe and happy place to be.


We linked it to our book in English called Mole's Star because this book taught us that we need to think about others and work together. 


We recreated one of the pages showing all of the animals working together to fix a problem so that everyone is happy. We used collage to produce the animals and printing for the background.


Every child thought carefully about how they can follow our Mission Statement this year and wrote this down.