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Year 2

Our Class

Hello and welcome to Year Two with Mrs Connell, Mrs Bonner and Mrs Johnson.We will be filling this page with lots of information and pictures about our year!


General Information



The school day begins with registration at 8.55 a.m and we really appreciate prompt time-keeping to get the children off to a good start.


Reading books should be brought in daily as we hear pupils read on different days of the week. Please read a little each night with your child and ask them questions about each page as this really helps to develop their understanding of what they have read. It also helps to prepare them for SATS in May. Please also sign the diary as a record of how they got on.


Homework in Literacy, Numeracy and Spellings are given every Friday to be handed in on Monday. We really appreciate you sitting with your child as the homework reinforces what they have been learning in class. 


Children keep their spellings for a week and are tested on Fridays, some of the spellings will be given in a sentence to check that the children can apply the spellings to their own work.


Dinners are free for all children in year 2. Could you please inform us if your child is changing their choice of dinner on a Monday to help us with ordering lunches.


We have enjoyed an action packed term already and we will be posting pictures and information about school trips and activities very soon- so watch this space and enjoy finding out what your children have been up to so far!







Important Dates and Events- Autumn Term


19th September 2014 - DT Challenge

Year two will be working with a DT expert all morning. They will use a variety of methods of manipulating pieces cardboard to create an environment for their toys. This links with our science topic - What is our school made of?


23rd September 2014 - Play in a Day!

Altru will be visiting and we will be creating a play called 'The Pool of Life'. This is an exciting day where the children will be working with a theatre company to learn and perform a performance, it is also a great opportunity for them to find out facts about that historical period. This links in with our history topic - What was life like in Liverpool 100 years ago?


26th September 2014 - A Trip to Chester Zoo

Year 1 and 2 will be visiting Chester Zoo.


26th September 2014 - Macmillan Coffee morning

All are welcome to help raise funds for a very deserving charity.


2nd October 2014 - Retreat at Savio


10th October 2014 - Colomendy Fun Run


Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd October 2014 - Pupil Progress Meetings


23rd October 2014 - A trip to a local Synagogue


Fundraising for Sierra Leone


Our school is trying very hard to raise money to help our friends in Sierra Leone who have been affected greatly by the outbreak of the Ebola Virus. We have carried out many fundraising events including selling wristbands, raffling prizes, making and selling loom bands, movie nights and fun runs.

DT Day


We worked with a specialist DT teacher to make environments for toys out of cardboard, this linked in with our science topic Materials. We learnt how cardboard was an appropriate material to use because it can be bent, folded, cut, glued and rolled. We had a great day!

Life In Liverpool 100 Years Ago


As part of our history topic we learnt about life 100 years ago, we discovered that in school children took part in drill instead of PE. This was very specific, you had to do the exact exercises with your feet and arms in the correct position. We tried some of the exact moves it was harder than it looked! Here are some of our favourites.

Investigating Artefacts


We carefully investigated artefacts to give us clues about life 100 years ago. Our guesses ranged from soup cups for giants, oxygen masks for firefighters, medals from the Olympics! We were surprised when we found out their real uses, especially the chamber pot! Thank you to everyone who shared their family treasures with us.

What can we learn about life 100 years ago from these artefacts?

We also had an amazing opportunity to work with the fantastic Altru theatre company, they taught us a play in a day! As well as developing our speaking, listening and performance skills we learnt many facts about the history of Liverpool, this helped us with our history topic.
We worked in teams to order significant events from the past 100 years. It was easier to do this when we were given the years. We practised using the words before and after when talking about the events this helped us learn about chronology.


Homework Projects

As part of this topic we had a homework project, to find out about famous Liverpool Landmarks from over the past 100 years or longer! You will be impressed with what we produced.

A visitor

Our Site Manager, Mr Birkett, came to talk to us all about his Grandad who had fought in World War I alongside his brothers. He explained why he joined the army and brought along many artefacts. We looked at silks which were cards made by local girls for the soldiers to send home, cap badges telling the regiment they were in, photographs and a match box that was given to his Grandad as he was leaving for war by his Grandmother. It was very emotional to listen to and we loved hearing all of the stories. Thank you from us all Mr Birkett!

Oliver Jeffers


Our first English topic was studying books by Oliver Jeffers, Lost and Found was great. We practised telling the story using the illustrations to help, we had to identify a time connective to begin each section. Each person in the group had a turn to tell the story.

Lost and Found

We linked Lost and Found to other Curriculum areas, we visited Chester Zoo and looked at penguins so that we could write reports.


We learnt a dance with Mrs Hardman about a trip to the zoo and the animals you can see there.



We have been using a variety of resources in our lessons to help us understand lots of concepts.


Greater and less than



Collective Worship

We carried out a Collective worship with the theme of Children in Need, we thought about children all around the world who need help and support because of the situation they are in. 

Children in Need

Christmas Time!


Christmas was a very busy, but, enjoyable time for us all. We were all excellent in our performances of Baubles! Our play told the Christmas story in a beautiful way and our audiences loved it. We performed to our school friends, families and our local pensioners group! It was also hectic preparing for our annual Christmas Fair, we made stockings and calendars to sell.

Important Dates and Event - Spring Term


26th January 2015- Trip to Tesco

We are visiting our local Tesco to learn about the journey from farm to fork. This fits in with our science topic about plants.


2nd February 2015- Other Faiths week, Islam

This week we will be learning about Islam as another faith, we will have a visitor in school who will explain some of the aspects of this faith.


6th February 2015- Visit to a local Mosque



A Trip to our Local Tesco


Our science topics for the rest of the year focus largely on plants and animals so we took the opportunity to visit our local Tesco store to find out how foods get from the farm to our plates. We particularly enjoyed examining the fish on the fish counter and tasting lots of different foods.

RE Topic - Books


As part of our RE topic on 'Books' we investigated our favourite books and why we loved them so much! We then thought about The Bible as a very special book, in small groups we investigated the different sections of the Bible and what they were called. It was also important to think about how we should treat this special book.

Bible Investigation



Africa was the focus for our study of a country that is not in Europe. We learnt where it is on the map and that it is a continent. We learnt lots of facts about Sierra Leone, learnt African greeting songs, performed an African dance and produced art work! We shared everything we learnt with our families when we performed an assembly.

World Book Day


For World Book Day we shared and appreciated our favourite books. We enjoyed reading and learning about a variety of authors.

Design Technology - Balances


Making balances with a DT expert was great fun! We learnt that we needed to ensure either side of the balance is exactly the same for it to work. In English we had been working on Meerkat Mail and animal information texts so we gave our balances an animal theme.



When we learnt about Islam as another faith we were very lucky to visit a Mosque and speak to a lady who told us all about the traditions.

Hot and Cold 

In art this half term we have been learning about hot and cold colours. We began be learning which colours are hot and which are cold using a colour wheel, then we mixed our own colours using paint and produced pictures. In groups we created our own canvases using the colours we had learnt about and displayed them.



We looked at plants in science we thought about the parts of a plant, the life cycle, how seeds dispersed and planned an investigation to prove what plants need to grow healthily. Of course we had to plant our own seeds.

Easter Fun!


We ended this very busy term with our annual Easter bonnet and garden extravaganza! Thank you so much for the wonderful creations! The chocolate hamper raffle also took place.



The Lucky Winners!

Our very talented children with their Easter creations!

Summer Term Newsletter

Try some of these games and activities to support your work in class!

My Maths

This link offers home access to a fantastic digital resource already used in school by staff and children. Now you are able to access this exciting resource at home too!

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  4. Enjoy the fantastic activities and games!

My Maths


This link offers home access to a fantastic digital resource already used in school by staff and children. Now you are able to access this exciting resource at home too!


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  4. Enjoy the fantastic activities and games!