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Year 5

I came so that you may have life and live it to the full.

John 10:10


Welcome to the Year 5 Webpage


Miss Wignall and Mrs Rigby welcome you to the Year 5 page.  We look forward to showing you all of the wonderful things that happen in our class throughout the year.


General Information


Autumn Term 2016


The school day begins with registration at 8.55 am and we really appreciate prompt time-keeping to get the children off to a good start. Each day we begin with reinforcing important skills in English and Maths so it is vital that your child is in on time and ready to learn.


Reading books should be brought in daily as the children may be asked to read throughout the week. It is important that the children read to an adult each night and their diaries should be signed and a comment written to inform of their progress. In addition to listening to your child read, you must also help to develop their comprehension skills. A list of questions that you can ask your child can be found by clicking on the attachment below.


Homework in English and Maths are given out each Thursday and are to be handed in on Monday. In addition, the children may also be given Big Writing homework on a Thursday. This allows the children to discuss and plan their writing with an adult, ready for their session in class the following morning. We really appreciate the time that you take as it makes a real difference to the children’s writing.


Spellings are given out each Friday and the children are tested on these the following Thursday.




The children go swimming each Tuesday. It is important that earrings are taken out prior to this as otherwise children will be unable to join in with the lesson due to Health and Safety rules at the baths.


PE takes place each Friday and it is important that the children have their full kit in school for the lesson. Jewellery may not be worn during PE.


Important Dates:

Monday 5th September 2016

School Begins 

Monday 5th - Friday 9th September 2016

Keeping Safe Week

Thursday 8th September 2016

School Council elections

Friday 16th September 2016 

St. Robert Bellarmine Mission Day

Saturday 17th September 2016

The Feast of St.Robert Bellarmine 

Tuesday 20th September

Mass to celebrate Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

Wednesday 28th September 

Play In a Day- The Ancient Egyptians

Friday 30th September 2016 

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Monday 3rd October 2016

School Photographs

Thursday 13th October

DT - Egyptians

Friday 14th October 2016

Non Uniform Day- unwanted gifts

School Council Surgery

Wednesday 19th October

Trip to Liverpool World Museum – Exploring Ancient Egypt

Friday 21st October 2016 

Break up




First Day Activities

The children had a lot of fun taking part in a variety of activities on their first day in Year 5. We certainly found out a lot of very interesting facts about the children during the tasks! 
The children enjoyed learning about one of our British values, democracy, before visiting our polling station to vote for their chosen representatives for our School Council.

Maths Prior Learning Tasks

The children worked really well in their groups during a recent prior learning task in maths. The children used a range of resources to show what they already knew about place value. 

Introduction to Dilemma Stories

During English this term, the Year 5 children will be reading a range of dilemma stories. As an introduction to this, we discussed what the word dilemma meant before watching the short Disney Pixar film clip, One Man Band. After watching the clip, the children discussed the dilemma that the little girl faced and the reasons why she had a difficult decision to make. Next, the children were split into two groups as they faced the difficult task to persuade me why their one man band was better than the other one. 

Our next activity included a role play session. All children worked extremely hard in their groups to act out different scenarios in which the main character faced a difficult dilemma. Each group demonstrated a clear understanding on what is morally right and ensured that the main characters made the correct decision. 

After introducing the children to the word 'dilemma' and allowing them to read a range of short stories which contained dilemmas, we were ready to move on to studying our book, The Fox by Margaret Wild.

In the story, Dog is blind in one eye and cannot see while Magpie has a burnt wing and cannot fly. In order for the children to fully understand how the characters felt and to also develop the understanding of empathy, they took part in a very special lesson.

The children worked in small groups and one of the children was blindfolded. The other children in the group helped to guided the blindfolded child around the obstacle course. This was to allow the children to really see how Dog felt in the story. 

All children acted in a sensible manner and took part in the lesson with maturity. 


Year 5 were extremely lucky to have a special Computing lesson last week, which was delivered by Mr Melia. The focus of the lesson was to develop the children's understanding of algorithms and to apply this when using the coding APP, Hopscotch. The children had a lot of fun during the lesson and it clearly developed their understanding of algorithms. 

Mission Statement Day Collective Worship

Some Year 5 children helped to plan and deliver a beautiful collective worship for our special mission statement day. They thought carefully about the words 'We are God's Work of Art' and chose statements from our mission that were important to them.
During our maths lesson, the children worked in their groups to create a museum to show their understanding of greater than, less than and equal to. They used a range of equipment to create their museums and it was certainly hard to choose a winning team. Well done to all children for working hard in your groups and for showing creativity when creating your museums. 

Finding All Possibilities

The children enjoyed working systematically to find all possibilities during a recent problem solving session in maths. They were able to decide on a system to organise their recordings and also check for repeats. The children will continue to develop these skills during other problem solving sessions this half term. 
During English, the children worked in groups to write questions that they would like to ask Dog and Magpie from the book that we are studying. Some children were chosen to sit in the hot seat and answered the questions in character role. They were able to use evidence from the text to justify their answers and could also think creatively to expand on their initial answers. 

The Year 5 children experienced a fantastic day and learnt many interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians. A specialist theatre company led a fun-filled day and the children were transported back to Ancient Egypt. All children participated extremely well and enjoyed learning their lines and various songs throughout the day. After a quick dress rehearsal, it was time to perform the show to our audience!

The children enjoyed learning about different sentence types and used their Kung Fu punctuation skills to help punctuate statements, questions, commands and exclamations during a recent lesson. 

How many different ways can you group the numicon?

During a recent maths activity, the children worked in teams to sort the numicon into different groups. They really impressed us with their knowledge and could sort it into: factors, multiples, square numbers, prime numbers, odds and evens, number bonds and many more!
A huge thank you to all those who supported the morning. 
The Year 5 children helped to plan and deliver a very special worship to coincide with  Macmillan Coffee Morning. It was a beautiful worship and they all demonstrated reverence and respect throughout. Each child wrote a lovely prayer and they thought about the people in the world who are sick and those who do wonderful jobs to help them. 

Each class has been given a British value to focus on. Year 5 looked at Individual Liberty and created beautiful posters to show what this means to us in our society and in our school community. They shared their work with the rest of the school during a special assembly before displaying this outside their classroom.


During our recent philosophy lesson, the children watched the video clip 'The Girl and the Fox'. They thought carefully about the key themes that were raised in the clip and worked in groups to create their own philosophical questions. After voting for their favourite question, we discussed this and thought carefully about what was morally correct.


Comparing Decimals

During maths, some Year 5 children worked in pairs to compare decimal numbers. They thought carefully about which numbers needed a place holder in order to compare them successfully and which didn't.

After watching the video clip 'The Girl and the Fox' for the second time, the children worked in groups to complete a 'zones of relevance' activity. Their first task was to decide which examples of vocabulary were relevant to the film clip and which ones were not. Next, they had to discuss the different words and decide if they were good enough to be placed into the centre of their oval. Finally, the children up-levelled the words that they hadn't placed in the centre and even thought of their own examples of ambitious vocabulary to use. 

The children are looking forward to including these new words in their writing over the next fortnight. 

The children enjoyed a Design Technology day which linked in with our current topic Ancient Egypt. The day was led by a specialist DT teacher who taught the children to enhance their skills whilst designing and making a sarcophagus.
Year 5 enjoyed a great day exploring Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum. They took part in a variety of activities which increased their knowledge of this fascinating period in time. They are looking forward to using their newly found facts during forthcoming lessons. 

Four children from Year 5 were chosen to represent our school during a recent educational visit to Goodison Park. They had a fun-filled afternoon where they were educated against racism using pragmatic and innovative approaches. At St Robert Bellarmine, we believe it is important to take a stand against racism. The afternoon was followed up by a whole school ‘Say No to Racism’ day in which the children were invited to wear red (or blue) to show their support

Using Figurative Language

 After exploring different types of figurative language, the children enjoyed working in groups to create their own sentences. We were really impressed with their work and are looking forward to reading their completed descriptions of a forest during winter time. 

Finding All Possibilities - Part 2

Year 5 have been working hard to complete more 'finding all possibilities' problems during maths.

Which strategy is best?

Which strategy is best? This was the question that was discussed during a recent maths lesson. After looking at key vocabulary linked to addition and discussing different types of questions related to this operation, the children had to decide whether they should use a mental strategy, jottings or a formal written method to answer the questions. 
As part of Friendship Fortnight, the Year 5 children helped to plan and deliver a beautiful collective worship based on the theme 'friendship'. They chose the scripture, brought in artefacts and created special acrostic poems to use on our focus table. They also gave each child in our school a friendship card as they left the worship so that they were reminded of they key messages. 

The children learnt about Amaguestu (chestnut festival) during their recent Spanish lesson. To celebrate this festival, they roasted sweet chestnuts and made an apple drink.

The children displayed reverence and respect during our worship to remember all those who had lost their lives during the war and in more recent conflicts. They also thought carefully about those who continue to serve for their country today and offered special prayers of thanks.

Finding All Possibilities - Part 3

The children were lucky enough to experience another fantastic Play in a Day and learnt many interesting facts about the Vikings. A specialist theatre company led a fun-filled day and the children were transported back to the time when the Vikings invaded Britain. All children participated really well and enjoyed performing their play to the rest of the school.

DT - Viking Longboats

The children enjoyed working with a specialist DT teacher to design and make their own Viking longboat. They worked hard and demonstrated excellent creative skills throughout the session

Children In Need

The whole school took part in supporting Children In Need once again this year. A huge thank you to all those who donated. 
The children in Key Stage 2 helped to plan a lovely worship for Children In Need. They thought carefully about other children and wrote special prayers for them. They led the worship with maturity and demonstrated respect throughout. To end the worship, the children gave each participant a special card with a key message on.

As an introduction to our new book 'Room 13' by Robert Swindells, the children were given various clues to try to piece together before making predictions as to what they thought the book was about. After making their predictions and sharing these with their classmates, it was time to read the blurb.

The children can't wait to begin their work on this novel next week and many were left with a number of questions that they hope will be answered as we read the book. Questions such as: What is inside room 13? What happens to Ellie-May? Is there a monster inside the room? 

These questions were posted on our question wall and will be discussed over the next few weeks. 


Year 5 enjoyed a special  retreat day at Savio Salesian College where they explored the theme 'friendship' and carried out various tasks associated with this. 

The children stepped back in time and enjoyed a morning at Croxteth Hall for a Victorian Christmas experience. They looked fantastic in their beautiful outfits and were able to see what Christmas was really like for children in the Victorian era. 

The children in Year 5 represented our school at the annual Advent Carol Service at the Metropolitan Cathedral. It was a beautiful and interactive service in which our children participated in singing traditional Christmas songs whilst waving stars that they had made. The children displayed excellent behaviour and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. 

The children in Key Stage 2 led the annual Advent Service in Church this week. They delivered the service twice – once for Reception and again in the evening for their families.

The service was beautiful and all involved should be proud of their performances. 


The children looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers and really enjoyed competing in the race along with the Smith brothers. A huge thank you to Paul, Stephen, Liam and Callum for supporting this event. 
All Key Stage 2 children thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas party on the final day of term.
The children worked in pairs to create their own piece of music using the glockenspiels. They thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and are looking forward to building on their skills when composing more pieces of music. 

Think Charts

During English, the children enjoyed analysing example letters of complaint against the success criteria.  Next, they used their findings to complete their S W SW chart, which allowed them to list the strengths and weaknesses of the writing as well as thinking of ways that it could be improved further.

Finding Rules and Describing Patterns

As part of problem solving in maths, the children worked hard to find the rule and describe the pattern on a complex problem, 'L shapes'. They used the rule to determine how many cubes would be needed to make the 35th and 100th L shapes before explaining why a certain number of cubes would not be in the pattern. 

What do I already know about Brazil?

During a recent  geography lesson, the children used their Think Chart Organiser to show what they already know about the topic Brazil. Over the next few lessons, they will explore this topic in more detail and reflect on their original thoughts and ideas. At the end of the topic, the children will amend their original organiser and show what they have learnt in more detail. 
The children enjoyed learning about the Brazilian artist,  Romero Britto. They explored his artwork in detail before creating their own pieces of art in this style. We have some fantastic artists in our class and the children are looking forward to seeing their work on display in the hall as part of our multicultural display. 

As part of a prior learning task, the children worked in groups to create a fraction museum. They enjoyed using a variety of resources and linked their work to decimals and percentages. Some children even used different units of measurement when creating their museums, including money and length.

The challenge was to include at least one red herring for the other groups to identify when they visited the different museums at the end of the lesson.

The children worked extremely hard on their rainforest projects and enjoyed presenting these to their classmates.
A huge well done to all those children who produced an Easter garden or bonnet for the competition. We were really impressed with all entries as children had clearly worked really hard at home and had gone to great lengths to create these.
The children should be so proud of themselves. They delivered their rainforest assembly with confidence and maturity. 

Prayer Garden

Christian Aid Collective Worship

A group of Year 5 children helped to plan and deliver a special Collective Worship for Christian Aid Week. They enjoyed choosing the scripture, writing prayers and setting up the focus table.

Healthy and Active Fortnight

During Healthy and Active Fortnight, the children took part in a variety of activities including gymnastics, athletics, football, dance and multi-sports. They thoroughly enjoyed developing their skills in these areas and worked hard to earn points for their house teams. 


Child Criminal Exploitation Worshop

Alex Programming Game

Maths Problem Solving

Logic Problems

As part of our problem solving sessions, the children worked in pairs to solve a range of  logic problems. They enjoyed using resources to help them and persevered well when they found some of these difficult!