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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


                       "I came that they may have life and live it to the full."                         

John 10:10


Mrs Rigby and Mrs Devine would like to welcome you to the Year 5 class page for 2020-2021. Our aim is to keep you informed of the things that are happening in our class. 

Summer Term 

2020 - 2021

Dates for Your Summer Diary


Summer 1

  • Monday 26thApril:Pupil Progress meetings.
  • Monday 3rdMay:Bank Holiday Monday.
  • Week beginning 10thMay: Year 5 daily mile.
  • Friday 28thMay: non-uniform day and break up for half-term at 3pm.


Summer 2

  • Monday 7thJune: school reopens.
  • Year 5 resume swimming lessons.  
  • Monday 21stJune: Health & Active weeks begin.
  • Week beginning Monday 5thJune:Year 5 daily mile.
  • Friday 16thJuly: School closes (1:30pm)



The Maya Play In a Day. 


Today we had a play in a day and learnt all about our new history topic The Maya. We learnt that the Maya lived in the area we now call Central America. They were a very successful civilisation who learnt how to successfully farm the harsh landscapes of the rainforest. They also created a calendar, very close to our own, created chewing gum, played a brutal game called Pok-a-Tok, where the losing team were sacrificed, and were one of the first people to eat chocolate! 


Fraction Museum 


In our first lesson on fractions, the children were set the task to create their own maths museum for their fraction. They could use a range of equipment, drawings and equivalent fractions to create their fraction in as many interesting ways as possible. 


Room 13 by Robert Swindells 


The children in Year 5 are looking forward to starting our new book, Room 13 by Robert Swindells. There is no room thirteen in the creepy Crow's Nest Hotel, where Fliss and her friends are staying on a school trip. Or is there? For at the stroke of midnight, something peculiar happens to the door of the linen cupboard next to room 12. And something is happening to Ellie-May Sunderland, too—something very sinister...
This book is a gripping page-turner from a master of spooky suspense, award-winning Robert Swindells. Don't read this under the covers at midnight! 

Charity Work

The Mayor's Toy Appeal 


A huge thank-you to all the Year 5 children who came to school in their own clothes day and kindly donated a toy to support this year's Mayor Toy appeal. You were all so kind and generous and we know that you will make other children very happy this Christmas. Here are just some of the donations brought in today, thank-you everyone! 

Design & Technology

The Trashion Show 2020!


Well done to all the children who took part in the Trashion Show this year! The pupils were challenged to create a new design from an old T.shirt. It was their chance to get creative and use their skills with textiles to make something new to wear for the catwalk. We had cushions, masks, designer T.shirts and even a t.shirt with lights! We also leant about the importance of recycling and that we can use our skills to make something new and exciting from our old clothing! Check out our designs on the catwalk!

Design & Technology 

Cam Toys 


Year 5 worked with Steph today, to create a cam toy. We built the frame from wood and made an axel, follower, slider and cam to create a moving toy. The cam had its hole off centre which meant that it would push the model on top of the slider up and down and around and around. 

It was hard work but all the children did a fantastic job and created their own individual designs. 

Well done everyone!


Non-reversible changes 


The children have been investigating how to create a chemical reaction, so that they can make a bath bomb using their knowledge of science. We mixed together bicarbonate of soda and citric acid and observed what happened. We saw bubbling, froth, foam, we heard hissing and fizzing and measured that the temperature had dropped. From our observations we knew a chemical reaction had taken place and that a new substance had been formed. 


Children in Need 2020 

Pyjama Day. 


The children showed their support for Children in Need 2020 by coming to school in their pyjamas. We took part in a class collective worship, asking God to take special care of all the children around the world who are suffering and we gave thanks for the wonderful people who work tirelessly to care and support them and their families in difficult times. Our class was very generous and raised over £60 for this fantastic charity. Well done everyone. 

Friendship Week

Being Kind Online 


For friendship week the children of year 5 were asked, by Mrs Dowell, to create a booklet on how to be kind online. The booklet would be used to teach other classes how we can keep our relationships positive online. Firstly, we explored examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online and discussed the consequences of unkind behaviour. We also researched and developed tips for being kind online so that we could create our booklet. 


Play in a Day - The Ancient Egyptians


Today we all took part in a play in a day and learnt about the Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about their social hierarchy and that the River Nile was very important as in the flooding season the silt from the bed of the river would over flow and make the soil rich for growing crops. We also learnt about Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza and that the Pharaoh would be buried with all their most precious possessions so they could use them in the afterlife. Well done Year 5 it was a wonderful performance by all of you! 



Reversible Changes 


Now we have learnt that some materials are soluble and dissolve in water, we investigated whether we could reverse the change and recover the sugar from the solution. We decided to evaporate the water, changing it from water to Water Vapour and discovered that the sugar was left behind in the dish. Now we know it was a reversible change. 

MacMillan Coffee Morning


The children came to school in their own clothes and enjoyed some delicious cakes in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer charity. Everyone donated generously and our class raised £80! We also took part in a special collective worship where we gave thanks to all the staff who work tirelessly to support families affected by cancer and to ask God to look after all those who are sick. Well done Year 5 for giving so generously and supporting such important work. 


British Values - Democracy

School Council Elections


This week the children took part in the school council elections. There were a number of candidates who put themselves forward to be a school councillor. After listening to each manifesto the children completed their ballot papers and cast their votes. All the candidates were of a very high standard and it was very difficult for the children to decide who to vote for. A big well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to our new Year 5 councillors!


The Daily Mile Challenge


This week the Year 5 children got their running shoes on and took on the daily mile challenge. We have built up our fitness and stamina as we ran laps of the playground. Mrs Devine and Mrs Rigby couldn't keep up with us. 

R.E. Collective Worship

The Feast of St Robert Bellarmine


Thursday 17th September was the Feast of St Robert Bellarmine and we celebrated this important day with a collective worship. We gave thanks for St Robert Bellarmine and learned about why he was such an inspirational saint. We also thought about our own hopes and ambitions for the new year ahead. 

Maths Museum 

Place Value of 6-digit numbers


In maths we have been working on 6 digit numbers and the place value of each digit in the number. We created a maths museum to represent our 6-digit numbers in a place value chart, using a part-whole model, in a bar model and on a number line. We used both concrete and pictorial representations of our numbers.