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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


      "I came that they may have life and live it to the full."                         

John 10:10


Mrs Rigby, Mrs Devine and Mr Byrne would like to welcome you to the Year 5 class page for 2021-2022. Our aim is to keep you informed of the things that are happening in our class. 

                             Summer Term 

                        2021 - 2022

Spring Term 

2021 - 2022

Dates for Your Spring Diary


Spring 1


  • Wednesday 5th January: Return to school
  • Thursday 27th January: Y5 Trip to the Plaza Cinema (The Holocaust)
  • Tuesday 1st February: Safer Internet Day  
  • Thursday 3rd February: Inside Outside Day, mental health awareness.   
  • Friday 11th February: Break up for half term.


Spring 2


  • Wednesday 23rd February: Mayans Play in a Day 
  • Thursday 3rd March: World Book Day (Wear Green) 
  • Monday 7th March: Parent Teacher Meetings 
  • Friday 11th March: Comic Relief non uniform
  • Friday 1st April: Break up for Easter





British Values - Democracy

School Council Elections


Well done to all those who took part in this year's school council elections. The standard was extremely high this year and it was very difficult for the children to decide who to vote for. After listening to the candidates' ideas, the children headed to the polling station to cast their votes. The results were very close with only one vote in it! Congratulations to our new Year 5 councillors and chairperson. 


The Ancient Egyptians Prior Learning Quiz 

The children started their Ancient Egyptian history topic by using their knowledge organiser to answer the quiz questions. We have learnt a lot already! 


Catholic Life 

First Holy Communions 


The children of Year 5 all made their First Holy Communion this term and it was a very special day for all involved. The children all looked beautiful and led the Mass perfectly. They really understood that this Sacrament was an important step for them and that they were very close to Jesus. All the staff, Father Faustino and families were very proud of them on their special day. Congratulations Year 5! 








In English lessons we have been reading the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. We are really enjoying the book already and it has made us think about how we should never judge a book by its cover. In PSHE lessons, we have been discussing discrimination and we have been shocked by the amount of discrimination the main character, August Pullman, has to face. We are excited to find out what happens to him as he makes his way through his first year at Beecher Prep. Below are some more books by the author which you may enjoy reading. Give them a try.



Footgolf Event 


6 of our class went to a sporting event called foothold this week. The children had to use their skills to kick a ball up the fairway and put it in the hole. Despite the rain, all the children had fun and said it was harder than it looks! Well done for trying something new!


6-digit Numbers 


The children have been learning about the place value of 6 digit numbers. For our first lesson we represented our numbers using different models: Bar models, number lines, place value charts and the part whole model. We will continue our work on place value of 6-digit numbers over the half term. 

Maths Factors

History: Famous Historical Leaders. 



The children were set a challenge over the half term to research and find out about a famous historical figure from Ancient Egyptian times. We found out about Cleopatra and how she was a successful and much loved leader. We also found out interesting facts about her life and that she was important because she was the last Pharaoh before the Romans took over. Well done for all your hard work Year 5. 

Design and Technology

Cam Toys 


The children worked with Steph, a DT specialist teacher, to design and make their own cam toys. The children created a frame from wood and cardboard and made a cam. The children had to make sure the hole in their cam was off centre as this meant they could create movement. We decorated them with a dancing Cleopatra as we had just completed a homework project on her. The final products were excellent and the children had a great day. 


Dissolving is a Reversible Change


In our science lessons we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We observed sugar dissolving in water and then thought about how we could undo the change and get the sugar back again. After a lot of discussion we decided that we could evaporate the water by heating it and the sugar would be left behind. 


Addition Strategies 


In Maths, the children have been learning about different strategies for addition depending on the numbers involved. They had to work on groups to decide which strategy was the most efficient and whether they would calculate the answer mentally, with a jotting or using a formal written method. We realised we had learnt a lot of useful strategies for addition from our maths work in previous year groups. 


Reversible Changes - insoluble materials. 


Today in science we predicted that stones and soil would be insoluble in water. We then had to decide how we could reverse this change by using the equipment available. We decided that we could sieve the water to remove the stones and then wondered if by using the filter paper and filter funnel we could filter out the soil leaving clean water. There was only one way to find out! We were amazed at how clean the water was and learnt that filtration helps us to reverse the change when we have an insoluble material. 

Design and Technology 

The Trashion Show 


All the children took part in this year's trashion show which showcases the children's creative design skills as well as working with textiles. The children were challenged to take an old T.shirt and create a new stylish product from it. We had stylish tie-dye T.shirts, T.shirts that had been made into cushion covers and T.shirts that had been turned into bags! It was a fantastic effort by everyone but most importantly we learnt that we can be more sustainable and friendly to our environment by recycling our old clothing into something new! 




In art lessons we learnt how to create our very own prints. We carved an image of an Egyptian pattern and God into a piece of polystyrene to create a print plate. This took a lot of time and skill! We then used a brayer to roll the paint onto the ink plate and transferred it to our paper using a technique called burnishing, which means rubbing the paper onto the print plate to achieve an even transfer of the image. 

The Santa Dash 


Today we pulled on our Christmas Jumpers and our trainers and headed out into the cold to complete our annual Santa Dash. It was very cold but we soon warmed up and had great fun!