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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

“Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you in Christ.”

Ephesians 4:32

Mrs McQuiggan and Mrs Johnson would like to welcome you to the Year 6 class page for 2020-2021. We look forward to keeping you informed of the things that are happening in our class throughout the year.

Autumn Term


Dates for your Autumn Diary


Autumn 1


  • Wednesday 9th September: School Council Polling Day
  • Friday 11th September: Mission Statement Day
  • Thursday 17th September: St Robert Bellarmine Feast Day
  • Monday 19th October: Pupil Progress meetings.
  • Wednesday 21st: Vikings Play-in-a-Day
  • Friday 23rd October: Harvest Festival, Non- uniform day (wear red or blue to say NO to racism) School closes for half term (3pm)


Autumn 2


  • Tuesday 3rd November: School reopens. Friendship Fortnight begins
  • Friday 13th November: Pyjama Day for Children in Need 
  • Tuesday 17th November: DT Day
  • Monday 30th November: DT Week
  • Friday 4th December: Trashion Show
  • Friday 11th December: Non-Uniformal day, Toy Appeal 
  • Monday 14th - Friday 18th December: Christmas Activity Week. School closes for term at 1:30pm

Design Technology - The Trashion Show


Well done to all those children who took part in the trashion show this year. Their challenge was to create a new design from an old T-shirt. We had a range of fantastic creations including pillows, masks, designer shirts, coats and T-shirts and the children thoroughly enjoyed modelling their creations on the SRB catwalk! 

The task allowed the children to understand the importance of recycling and to learn ways in which we can turn old clothing into new items. We are sure we will see more items being turned into new creations as a result!

GANGS Workshop


Year 6 took part in a fantastic GANGS (Get Away 'N' Get Safe) prevention workshop this week which was delivered by James Riley, who has worked as a Probation Officer. Each morning, the children listened carefully to the powerful messages that James delivered and even took part in some socially distanced role play. All children thoroughly enjoyed the week and as a result, have been educated about the importance of making the right choices in life. The programme certainly made them think more carefully about the consequences for their actions. Thank you for another brilliant week James!

Design Technology - Fairground Rides


To support our scientific understanding of electrical circuits, we took part in a special DT day. The task was to design and make a fairground ride to be powered by an electrical circuit. First, we evaluated existing rides and use these to choose a theme for our own rides. Next, using the design criteria, we drew an annotated sketch of the ride. Then, we made a circuit with a motor and designed a switch so that the ride could be switched on and off. Finally, we created our ride using cardboard before testing it.

The children were really creative and enjoyed using their finished products before evaluating them. 

A huge thank you to Steph for a wonderful day!

Odd Socks Day


Year 6 showed their support for national Anti-Bullying Day by wearing odd socks. We recapped on the work that we had already carried out during Friendship Fortnight and discussed the theme for 2020 Anti-Bullying Week, 'United Against Bullying'. 

Friendship Collective Worship


As part of friendship fortnight, Year 6 helped to plan and deliver a special Collective Worship based on the theme 'friendship'. They helped to choose the scripture and music and wrote acrostic poems and special prayers to use on our focus table. 

Friendship Fortnight - Being Kind Online


Another activity that Year 6 completed during Friendship Fortnight was based on being kind online. After watching video clips and discussing what it means to be kind online and the importance of this, the children worked in pairs to sort scenarios out so that they could clearly identify what is kind and what is unkind. Next, we read the fantastic booklet that Year 5 designed for our school so that we know what to do if anyone is unkind whilst we ae online. Thank you Year 5 for sharing your informative booklet!

Maths Games


The children enjoyed playing a variety of maths games to consolidate their addition and subtraction skills. It was great to see them using their prior knowledge to help them.

Picture News Virtual Assembly


Each Friday morning, Year 6 enjoy taking part in the weekly Picture News virtual assembly, which is based on a current issue in the media and is linked to our SMSCD. The children enjoy scanning the 'big picture', making notes, writing questions and discussing the key question of the week. The assembly allows the children to use the skills that have been taught during our philosophy lessons and they hold fantastic discussions as a result. They enjoy making links with the content of the assembly and other areas of the curriculum. 

Ordering Subtraction Questions - Easiest to Hardest


The children enjoyed working in pairs to order subtraction arithmetic questions from easiest to hardest. They thought carefully about which strategy they would use to solve them (mental, jottings or a written method) and explained why some are easier to answer than others. 

Remembrance Day Collective Worship


Year 6 took part in a special worship to remember all those who lost their lives during the wars and in more recent conflicts. They also thought carefully about those who serve their country today and offered special prayers of thanks. 



After learning about the circulatory system in science, it was time for our investigation. We explored the question: How does exercise affect our pulse rate? The children wrote their wonderings before the lesson and then exercised for four minutes. Next, we monitored our pulse rate straight after exercise and then at regular intervals. We used our results to draw a line graph before drawing conclusions. The children enjoyed using their maths skills to support their learning today. 

Children in Need Collective Worship


Year 6 showed their support for Children in Need by coming into school in their pyjamas and making a donation. The children also wrote special prayers to ask God to protect those children who are suffering and shared these during our special Collective Worship. 

Vikings Play in a Day


The children took part in a wonderful play in a day based on the Vikings. Not only did they learn many interesting facts about the Vikings, they also enhanced their acting skills! Although they could not perform their play to the rest of the school in the usual way, we filmed it so that they could watch it back and analyse their performance. Well done children, it was a fantastic performance and we certainly have some budding actors in our class! 

Equality and Diversity Workshop


Year 6 took part in a special equality and diversity workshop with Mr Yip. They demonstrated maturity during class discussions and could link their answers to previous learning from our 'All Are Welcome' programme of study. 

Half Term Quiz


The children were eager to show how much they had learnt during the first half term in Year 6 as they took part in our half termly quiz. They were organised into their house teams as they answered questions that covered a whole range of curriculum subjects. We were really impressed by how much knowledge the children had gained since returning to school. Well done everyone!

Decimals Prior Learning Tasks


As part of our maths lesson, the children worked in pairs using concrete resources to demonstrate what they could recall from their previous work on decimals. They were able to use pictorial representations and also some symbolic representations to demonstrate their ability. We are really looking forward to exploring the five strands of place value linked to decimals. 

World Mental Health Day


Year 6 celebrated World Mental Health Day and supported the #helloyellow campaign by wearing something yellow and thinking about the importance of looking after our mental health. We discussed how important it is to talk about your feelings and to always ask for help if you need it. The children were able to identify people in their lives who support them and know what to do if they ever feel down. We then talked about resilience and some children even identified times in their own lives when they have been resilient.

Vikings Think Chart Organisers


As part of our history lesson, the children used a range of resources to find out more about the Vikings. They then used this new knowledge to complete their Think Chart Organiser and write their wonderings. 



The children really enjoyed their first philosophy lesson, which was linked to our PSHE book, Little Mouse and the Red Wall. We discussed the importance of the 4C's - critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking and how we can develop these skills during Year 6. We were really impressed with the maturity of the children when discussing various philosophical questions linked to our book. 

Science Think Chart Organisers


As part of our science lessons, we have been learning about the various organs within the human body. The children enjoyed learning about the function of each organ and developed their understanding further by finding out what would happen if a particular organ didn't function correctly or was damaged. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning


Although we celebrated Macmillan Coffee Morning differently this year, the children were still able to buy cakes and raise money for this fantastic charity. As a school,  we raised over £800! Thank you all so much for your generosity.

Macmillan Cancer Support Collective Worship


As part of our Macmillan Coffee Morning, we took part in a special Collective Worship where we thought of all those who are sick, their families and friends and the wonderful people who care for those who are ill. Each child wrote a special prayer and these were read out as part of our worship. The children demonstrated reverence and respect throughout.  

St Robert Bellarmine Collective Worship


Thursday 17th September was a special day for our school community - it was the feast of St Robert Bellarmine. We celebrated this important day with a special Collective Worship and gave thanks for our special saint. The children also thought carefully about their hopes and dreams for the new school year ahead and asked God to guided and support them. 

Fauvism Artwork


As part of our Mission Statement display, the children created self-portraits in the style of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain, who were known for being part of the fauvism art movement. We were really impressed with the artistic skills and precision of each child in the class. Well done children!



The children enjoyed a special afternoon of multi-sports with coach, Sean, to celebrate their return to school. 

African Drumming


The children took part in their first lesson of drumming this week. They enjoyed learning about the origins of the djembe drum before beginning to play their own. The class are looking forward to developing their skills throughout the year.