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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


“Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you in Christ.”

Ephesians 4:32


Miss Durnin and Mrs Johnson would like to welcome you to the Year 6 class page for 2021-2022. We look forward to keeping you informed of the things that are happening in our class throughout the year.



Summer Term Updates


Geography  - Coastal Study and Beach Clean Up 


We had a fantastic day on Crosby Beach with Angela from Green Sefton. She took us along the coastline to Burbo Bank so that we could look for evidence of coastal erosion. 


After this, with some help from the Friends of Crosby Beach, we completed our very own beach clean up to kick off our Smile Challenge. 

Bully Busters - Online Safety


Year 6 enjoyed a very informative workshop from our friends at Bully Busters. They were reminded about the importance of staying safe online and always being kind. 

Other Faiths - Hinduism


Year 6 enjoyed learning some Indian dance during other faiths week. They loved building on the knowledge they already have about Hinduism. 

Indian Dancing

Still image for this video

Spring Term Updates


Dates for Your Spring Diary


Spring 1


  • Wednesday 5th January: Return to school
  • Tuesday 11th January: Boosters start
  • Wednesday 12th January: Romeo and Juliet Play in a Day 
  • Thursday 27th January: Y5 and Y6 Trip to the Plaza Cinema (The Holocaust)
  • Tuesday 8th February: Safer Internet Day  
  • Thursday 3rd February: Inside Outside Day, mental health awareness.   
  • Friday 11th February: Break up for half term.



Spring 2


  • Monday 21st February: Return to school
  • Thursday 25th February:SATs Meeting 
  • Thursday 3rd March: World Book Day - Go Green!  
  • Monday 7th March: Parents Evening and Science Week 
  • Friday 11th March: Start of the Smarties Challenge  
  • Friday 18th March: Mad Hair Day - Comic Relief   
  • Wednesday 30th March: Science Escape Rooms
  • Friday 1st April: Easter Bonnets, Raffles and Finish at 1.30pm 




We have been working on finding out the factors that affect the brightness of a bulb in science this week. First, we looked at how increasing the voltage and number of cells can lead to an increase in the brightness of a bulb, but found that sharing batteries between light bulbs had varying impacts. We also investigated to find out if any other factors such as the length of a wire can impact on the brightness of a bulb and had a great time doing it! 

National Red Day - Oliver King Foundation


Year 6 wore red to raise awareness for the Oliver King Foundation today. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mark from the Oliver King Foundation who told us all about his son Oliver. Many of the children had an ECG as part of the day as well and they were all shocked with how simple it was, but also how important it was to save a life. We had a visit from Jamie Carragher who told us about why he thought the Oliver King Foundation was so important and some of the children even got their Liverpool strips signed! 

Claude Monet 


We have enjoyed exploring impressionism in art this half term. Claude Monet has been our inspiration and we have been using his work as the basis for our own paintings through the use of watercolour. 

Holocaust Memorial Day


Year 5 and 6 had a trip to the Plaza Cinema in Waterloo to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. They, along with some other local schools, watched the movie 'The Island on Bird Street' which was incredibly moving and allowed them to understand how difficult life was for Jewish people and children in particular. It really put things in perspective for them as they realised that their evacuee day was set in the same time in history as the holocaust.

Tatton Park - Evacuee Experience 


Year 6 had an amazing time on the farm at Aunt Mary's as evacuees from World War 2. They developed so much historical knowledge about life in 1941 while Britain was at war. They spent the day doing all of the jobs that an evacuee child would have had; helping with the animals, making toast at home, milking the cows and goats. They were so well behaved and we are so proud of how they really got into the spirit of the day! 

Play in a Day - Romeo and Juliet 



British Values - Rule of Law


Year 6 presented their assembly on the Rule of Law to the rest of our school. They talked about the importance of rules to keep us safe both in school and in the wider community. 

Autumn Term


Important Dates


Autumn 1

Wednesday 8th September: School Council Elections

Friday 10th September: School Mission Day

Friday 24th September: Macmillan Coffee Morning

Friday 1st October: Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts)

Tuesday 12th October: Moel Famau Trip

Thursday 21st October: Pupil progress meeting

Friday 13th October - Fun Run

Friday 22nd October: Non-uniform day (wearing red or blue to say NO to racism)

Friday 22nd October: School closes for half-term (3pm)


Autumn 2

Tuesday 2nd November: School reopens

Friday 19th  November: Children in Need - pyjamas

Friday 26th November: Trashion Show

Friday 3rd December: non-uniform day (bottles)

Friday 10th December: Xmas Jumper day, Santa dash 

Friday 17th December: Xmas Fayre

Tuesday 21st December: Term finishes @ 1:30pm

Art - Fauvism


Year 6 have enjoyed learning about Fauvism and the work of Henri Matisse. They worked with oil pastels and chalk, made links between the colours they selected and their emotions and developed their sketching skills. They have worked incredibly hard all week to get to their final product - a self portrait. 

Maths-Place Value Museum


Year 6 demonstrated their prior knowledge and explored our maths equipment to represent different numbers to ten million. 



School Council Elections 

Congratulations to our elected representatives for Year 6 this year! We are so pleased to have had such an amazing response with so many children wanting to be a part of our school council. The children exercised their democratic right to vote and selected our wonderful representatives for this year on Polling Day. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning 


We have been so overwhelmed by the generosity of the children and their families in Year 6! Thank you for all your donations and for allowing us to have a fantastic coffee morning, while raising some much needed funds for Macmillan! 

Science - Light Investigation 


We are learning about light in Year 6 and have used our prior knowledge from Year 3 to support us in designing our first investigation. We came up with the hypothesis 'Light travels in straight lines' and selected and used appropriate equipment to carry out a fair test. 


We were able to confirm our hypothesis using torches, mirrors and an opaque background.

School Prefects 

A massive congratulations to our School Prefects for this year! We can't wait to see how well they support our school and show how responsible they can be. Each child has an equally important role and without them our school would not be the same!

Maths -Zero the Hero


Year 6 recapped on their knowledge of 'Zero the Hero' to support them when tackling arithmetic calculations. They now know to remind themselves that 'Zero the Hero' usually means the answer can be approached in a simpler, more efficient way.

Moel Famau


We had a fantastic day climbing Moel Famau! Every single child  pulled together and worked as a team to encourage each other to get to the top. Some parts were hard but we all showed so much resilience and perseverance that it didn't have any impact on our happy mood! We were also very lucky to be accompanied by the rangers and their dog Fletcher too to keep us safe.

Book Character Fun Run 


Year 6 had a fantastic day to raise money for books for our school. They dressed up as some inventive, wonderful characters and had a dance too! We are so grateful for all the support we received from our parents for this event. 


Vikings Play in a Day


Year 6 developed their knowledge of the vikings even further through our Play in a Day. We learned some of the key facts about how they invaded and took over from the Anglo-Saxons and put on a great performance too! 

Harvest Festival Collective Worship 


We joined together as a class to give thanks to God for all we have and to pray for those less fortunate than us. Year 6 and all the children in our school brought in donations for a local food bank and as always their generosity has shown through.

Give Racism the Red/Blue Card


Year 6 showed their awareness of the need for more to be done to stamp out racism in our society. We had some really important discussions around the need for tolerance and respect, not just within our school but in the wider community. 

Equality and Diversity 


Year 6 enjoyed an excellent and thought-provoking workshop with Peter Yip on equality and diversity. The session was extremely engaging and interesting for all the children and gave them lots to think about. They created some poems and raps in response to the work which demonstrated the wonderful sense of maturity that all of the children had when discussing the important issues covered. 

Children in Need 

The children came to school in their pyjamas along with the rest of our school to raise money for Children in Need. Everyone was incredibly generous and had a great day raising the funds too! 


Prevent Assembly

Year 6 presented an assembly to Key Stage 2 focused on Prevent. They reminded all the children about the importance of being vigilant and being aware that there are people in our society who do not hold the same British Values as us and therefore have more extreme views. They also reminded everyone that in our school we have many adults that we can trust and talk to if we feel unsafe or concerned about anything. 


Design Technology - Fairgrounds


Year 6 had a fantastic day working with Steph on their latest DT project. They first sketched and annotated their plans, before moving on to building their structure. They also made links with their science learning on electricity when they made complete circuits to power their project. 

Trashion Show


Year 6 had the chance to strut their stuff on the runway for this years Trashion Show! They came up with some fantastic ideas to show off their creativity and sustainability. Each child worked hard to design their clothing and also made sure that they made environmentally conscious choices in what they wore. 

DT - Textiles 


Year 6 are enjoying making pencil cases in DT this half term. They have made lots of progress in DT since they started sewing and are now able to use a running stitch, back stitch and whip stitch to join materials together. Their pencil cases all also contain a button and have been personalised by each child. We have spent a lot of time evaluating existing products and sketching and designing our own ideas. Some lucky parents are even getting these as a Christmas gift this year! 

Other Faiths - Judaism


Year 6 joined Year 2 on a visit to Dunbabin Road Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish faith and to find out more about what is inside a synagogue. We learned lots of new terms such as Bimah and Sad while also recapping on our knowledge from previous years work.