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A letter to Parents

Dear parents, 


We hope you are all well and enjoyed your work free weekend! But I'm afraid here we go again with another week of home learning. Can you believe we're in week 9 already!!! We know the home-schooling hasn’t been easy, but we are so grateful that you are accessing the work and supporting your children with it.


We have assigned the children some reading books on Epic! Reading that are related to their Greeks topic and some that are related to the current world events. We are sure they will have seen the protests on the news, so these books may be a great way to lead into discussions with your child about empathy towards others and the importance of standing up for what is right. This all ties in with Empathy Day which is being celebrated nationally on 9th June this week. The PSHE section of the work provides lots of resources to help you celebrate this day with your child. If you do anything that you would like to share, it would be a great idea to tweet us with some pictures!


Also in the Additional Activities section, there is an activity looking at the positives that have come from lockdown. It provides an opportunity for the children to reflect on this unusual experience and think about what they have learnt, enjoyed and achieved over these past weeks.  


Thank you for the emails and tweets this week, it is lovely for us to keep in touch with the children. Please keep them coming if possible!



Twitter: @StBellarmine and #yr4srb


Over the next few weeks, I will try to phone those not currently in school just to catch up and say hello to the children.  


As always, thank you for all your help and support, it is very much appreciated! We couldn't get through all of this without your continued support.


Take care, 

all the best, 


Sir and Mrs Sutton