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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

"Love one another as I have loved you."

John 13:34-35

Mrs Sutton and Mr Seeckts would like to welcome you the the Year 4 class page for 2019-2020. Our aim is to keep you informed of things that are happening in our class.

School Closure

On-Line Activities

This document lists many of the livestream/interactive activities that you may want to take part in and enjoy. There are lots of different activities including;

  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • PE and Dance
  • Arts and Crafts 

Here are some links that you may find useful to support your home learning.

Spring Term


Dates for Your Spring Diary


Spring 1

  • Wednesday 8th January: Play-in-a-Day: Macbeth
  • Wednesday 22nd January: Science Escape Rooms
  • Tuesday 28th January: 4th Sacramental Meeting (2pm school hall)
  • Friday 7th February: Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts)
  • Tuesday 11th February: Sports Hall Athletics (Hawthorns')
  • Thursday 13th February: School closes for half-term (3pm)
  • Friday 14th February: school closed (staff training)


Spring 2

  • Monday 24th February:  School reopens
  • Monday 2nd March: Pupil Progress Meetings
  • Wednesday 11th March: design technology workshop
  • Friday 13th March: Sport Relief non-uniform day Mad Hair
  • Tuesday 24th March: 6th Sacramental (2pm  school hall)
  • Friday 27th March: non-uniform day
  • Thursday 2nd April: Easter Service (7pm church)
  • Friday 3rd April: Easter bonnet/garden competition, Easter raffle
  • Friday 3rd April: Term finishes @ 1:30pm


*please note there are still dates to add for further sacramental meetings. These need to be confirmed with Fr Barry and will be made available to you as soon as possible.


World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day the whole school read the book "There's a Rang-tan In My Bedroom" To show our support for the orangutans and the rainforests we all dressed in orange and signed the Greenpeace pledge. We also brought in products made from sustainable palm oil, which we donated to a local foodbank. 




During other faiths week we are learning about the religion of Hinduism. We had a special visitor who introduced us to traditional Indian costumes and explained how traditional Hindu stories are often told using dance.

Quiz Time

We showed how much we have learnt this half term with our first half term 'knowledge quiz'. We played in our house teams and answered questions on all sorts of subjects: history, geography, science, maths, English and art. Wow! We have learnt so much.


Sports Hall Athletics

We recently attended a sports hall athletics event to compete against other Bootle schools. There was a wide variety of events including running, throwing and jumping. Everyone enjoyed themselves and their were some great performances.


Drawing Like L.S. Lowry

We studied the work of artist L.S. Lowry and then we attempted to produce pictures in his style using a limited colour palette; as they say, "We painted Salford smoky tops..." 



We had a great session with two coaches from the Jamie Carragher Soccer School. We developed our ball skills: dribbling, passing and shooting. It was so close between all the teams that the only way to decide things was with a penalty shoot out!


Investigating Solids

We wondered why some solids behave like liquids in that you can pour them, they take the shape of the container you put them in. But after careful investigation we realise that rice, sand and salt are lots of tiny solids and they can give the impression of behaving like liquids when there are lots of them together.


Compact Written Methods

We used place value counters to support us as we learnt a compact written method for subtraction. The counters helped us understand the need for exchanging and how it works. We learnt how to record the exchanges we need to make and how to check our answers using an inverse operation.




The term got off to a great start with the children working with Gemma from Altru drama to present their version of the Shakespeare classic, Macbeth. This will be the text that we will study for the next term and was a great way to start the topic. After only a day of rehearing the class put on a performance at the end of the day for the rest of the school. Well done everyone.

Autumn Term


Dates for Your Autumn Diary


Autumn 1

  • Tuesday 24th September: 1st Sacramental Meeting (2pm in church)
  • Wednesday 25th September: Class trip to Martin Mere (Anglo-Saxons)
  • Friday 4th October: Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Friday 18th October: Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts)
  • Monday 21st October: Pupil progress meeting
  • Friday 25th October: Non-uniform day (wearing red or blue to say NO to racism)
  • Friday 25th October: School closes for half-term (3pm)


Autumn 2

  • Tuesday 5th November: School reopens
  • Tuesday 5th November: 2nd Sacramental Meeting (2pm school hall)
  • Friday 15th November: friendship assembly
  • Thursday 21st  November: reconciliation retreat at Savio
  • Tuesday 26th November: 3rd Sacramental Meeting (2pm school hall)
  • Tuesday 10th December: First Reconciliation Service (1:30pm Church)
  • Friday 13th December; Xmas Jumper day, Santa dash & Xmas fayre
  • Thursday 19th December: Advent Service (7pm church)
  • Friday 20th December: Term finishes @ 1:30pm


Tuesday was a very special day for the children of Year 4 as they received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. They delivered a beautiful and very reflective service of which they should all feel very proud.

Design & Technology

Trashion Show

As part of a whole school project we attempted to recycle some old items of clothing that we no longer wanted and would have just thrown away. The results were amazing: tops, scarves, headbands, pillows, scrunchies and bags. Wow!

And we strutted our stuff on the catwalk.

We don't do fashion, we are fashion!

Still image for this video


Investigating Teeth

We set up an investigation to leave hard boiled eggs in different liquids. We wanted to investigate the affects that these different liquids had on the shells. In the investigation the shells of the eggs represent our teeth. We wonder what will happen?


'With You Always' Sacramental Meeting

On Tuesday afternoon parents, grandparents and catechists joined for the third of our Sacramental Preparation meetings. The focus for this meeting was making choices and reconciliation as we prepare to receive the sacrament in two weeks time.

Savio Retreat

As part of our preparation for First Reconciliation we spent the day at Savio working with Fr Jacob. The focus of our visit was the Story of the Prodigal Son. We learnt how important it is to be prepared to forgive others.

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Year 4 presented their anti-bullying assembly on the theme of 'Change Starts With Us'. They explained that being unique and different from everyone else is not a reason for us to be bullied or ridiculed. Here in St Robert Bellarmine we want to embrace difference, celebrate diversity and accept everyone for who they are. We want to make the right choices and choose to show respect to everyone we meet.

 Change starts with us


They also presented two videos that they had created earlier in the week. Follow the link below to our videos page if you would like to watch them.

Odd Socks Day

This year, lots of schools, like us, took part in odd socks day to promote Anti-bullying Week. The idea was for each of us to be able to express ourselves freely; to appreciate that we all unique individuals and to accept we are all different yet we are all equal.

Remembrance Day

At 11 o'clock today we held a two minute silence in honour of those who have served and defended our country and the values of freedom and justice ,which we hold so dear. 


As part of our topic on anti-bullying Altru Drama came to school and presented a play on how we can deal with bullying. It was great fun and we learnt so much.


Partitioning Numbers

We explored the partitioning of 4-digit numbers in different ways using a place value chart and place value counters. We learnt that through exchanging you can partition one number in many different ways.



A team of year 4 boys recently represented the school at a football tournament held at Goals. The lads had a great time and did themselves and the school proud. Well done.



Year 4 recently visited the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Mere Tun. Here they experienced life in Anglo-Saxon times. During the visit they went foraging in the woods, weaved a pig pen from willow, used reeds to thatch a roof and learnt to defend the village.


Place Value

We created place value museums using our maths equipment. We were challenged to represent a 4-digit number in different ways using any of the equipment we had in class.



Last week a team of 6 children represented Year 4 at a footgolf tournament at Aintree. The team did us proud and had a great time. Well done all!


What Happens to the Food We Eat?

We started our science topic by thinking about the journey food takes through our bodies. We then attempted to put our initial thoughts on an outline of the body. 

Prior Learning

British Values - Democracy

School Council Elections


Well done to everyone who took part in the school council elections and put themselves forward to be a school councilor. The standard was very high this year and it was a very difficult job for the children to decide who to vote for. After listening to each candidates' manifesto, all of the class went to the polling station to cast their votes. It was a very close run thing. Congratulations to our two new year 4 councilors! 

Polling Day