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A Letter to Parents

Dear parents,

First, let us say we hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter.


Well this isn’t quite how we planned to start our summer term is it? But we would just like to take a moment to say a huge thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this very difficult time. The education of your children has always involved a partnership between home and school and that partnership has never been more important than it is at the moment.


As you know, home learning is now in full motion. Our goal is to provide appropriate educational opportunities and practice for your children while schools are closed but also to eliminate as much stress as possible for both the children and you. While it is our responsibility to continue to educate our children, we also want to compassionately take into consideration the variety of difficulties that  families and employees are enduring during this time. We appreciate that some parents may be worrying that they don’t know what to do in terms of home schooling.  So, here goes…


On a weekly basis, we will put together some suggested activities that the children can do at home to keep their brains active and continue with their learning. We have also introduced a weekly timetable that may help offer some structure to your days. There is no pressure as to how or when you do the work - remember the timetable is only a suggestion.  We understand that families will all have very different circumstances and situations to deal with at the moment – little siblings that are distracting; working from home; being a key worker; not having the space to work quietly; looking after family members etc.  So when we suggest things, please know that you can tweak things to suit you, your situation and your child.  So for example, if we suggest writing a story but your child would love to create a comic strip, that’s absolutely fine!  If we suggest drawing a picture but your little one would like to create a scene on their tablet, that’s great!  The children are also welcome to keep working through anything that we sent home when we broke up from school.  We have tried to design a programme of home learning intended to have the flexibility to fit in around your own circumstances - we do not want to add any extra pressure to children or parents at this time. Please note - if you find your child is struggling with any of the content for their year group and you are not able to help them, it may be an idea to look at content for younger year groups or select a different activity.


Once again, we would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for the ongoing support of your child's learning during these far from normal circumstances. Please continue to check the class webpage for regular updates.


We hope to see you all very soon.

Take care


Sir & Mrs Sutton