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Activity 4 and 5 - Reading Skills

Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg


This activity may take you two lessons to complete.


You will match the character to what they say and retell events. 


This activity with the video can be found here:


Day 1

This activity includes watching the video extract from Funnybones.

-Watch the clips and answer the questions.

-Match the character to what they said.

-Put events in order


Day 2 

Read the extract from the story

-Answer the questions

-Give your opinion of the story using because


I have put these activities on a recording sheet for you to use or please record your answers in your exercise book.


If you enjoyed this extract it has been the book on the BBC Bitesize book club last week, if you wish to hear more you can find the archived programmes here.


This is the time for book club in each,

Week 2:1 - 9'05" - 12'03"

Week 2:2 - 10'45" - 13'38"

Week 2:3 - 9'44" - 12'31"

Week 2:4 - 8'27" - 11'40"

Week 2:5 - 10'53" - 14'25"