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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

"In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work like you are working for the Lord, not for the people"

Colossians 3:23

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Mrs Connell and Mrs Bonner would like to welcome you to our Year 2 class page for 2019-2020. Our aim is to keep you informed of things that are happening in our class.

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Autumn Term


Year Two Medium Term Plan Spring 1

Year Two Medium Term Plan Autumn 2

Year 2 Medium Term Plan Autumn 1

Dates for Your Autumn Diary


Autumn 1

  • Friday 18th September: Mass for Feast of St Robert Bellarmine
  • Wednesday 2nd October: Play in a Day - Liverpool the Pool of Life
  • Friday 4th October: Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Friday 18th October: Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts)
  • Monday 21st October: Pupil progress meeting
  • Friday 25th October: Non-uniform day (wearing red or blue to say NO to racism)
  • Friday 25th October: School closes for half-term (3pm)


Autumn 2

  • Tuesday 5th November: School reopens
  • Friday 15th November: friendship assembly (parents of yrs 1,3&4 welcome to attend)
  • Wednesday 20th November: DT Day
  • Friday 22nd  November: non-uniform day
  • Friday 29th  November: non-uniform day (chocolates)
  • Friday 6th December: non-uniform day (bottles)
  • Wednesday 11th December: Yrs1&2 Christmas performance (pm)
  • Friday 13th December: Xmas Jumper day, Santa dash & Xmas fayre
  • Friday 20th December: Term finishes @ 1:30pm

Music - Recorders

We are all really enjoying learning how to play the recorders in Music with Mrs Payet. We have learnt how to hold our recorder correctly and how to make a sound using it. Mrs Payet is teaching us how to make different notes.

Art and Computing - Emma Blyth


We have started researching the artist whose work we will be studying this half term. She is called Emma Blyth and she comes from Western Australia. She is well known for her bright, vibrant creations that show the beauty of the Australian landscape. We used our time in computing to investigate the colours that she used, using the colour wheel to identify which colours were hot or cold. Our observations allowed us to identify the shapes that are used to produce the pictures.


We painted the background of our page ready for when we produce our own versions of her paintings.

Science - Changing the shape of materials


We investigated whether or not we could change the shape of some materials. We discovered that we could do this by twisting, stretching, squashing and bending them to create a new shape. We were able to recreate shapes given using this.

History - Chronology


We revisited the concept of chronology today using the photographs from our washday session yesterday. We discussed what each photograph told us and which order the actions were done in as we put them in chronological order.

History - A Trip To Merseyside Maritime Museum


We visited the Maritime Museum at the Albert Dock in Liverpool for two reasons. 


House, Home and Washdays!

We explored what happened during washdays in the past and how it compares to how we wash now. We all tried our hand at the different processes and realised that life was much harder then than it is now! This fitted in with Life in Liverpool 100 years ago and helped us to develop an awareness of the past and use a wide range of vocabulary. We looked carefully at the similarities and differences from then and now.

Titanic Story 



Before beginning our History topic of Titanic after Christmas we gained some prior knowledge by taking part in an amazing workshop in Merseyside Maritime Museum where we were  invited to take part in the story of Polar the Titanic Bear. The story is adapted from the original written by a Titanic first class passenger, Daisy Corning Stone Spedden, who survived the fateful voyage, along with her family. She then went on to write Polar the Titanic Bear as a Christmas present for her son Douglas. 

We learnt all about the Titanic by taking part in the storytelling and playing different characters including Douglas, Daisy and a sailor. We were shown what actions and words we needed to perform and had the opportunity to try on and handle replica costume, hats, and of course a toy polar bear. We all joined in with the story at certain parts and had the opportunity to handle the objects. Through the story we learnt about different aspects of the Titanic and the subsequent rescue in a lifeboat. 

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


We have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week in Year Two creating personalised Christmas stockings to sell at the Christmas Fair and using a variety of techniques to make an Advent wreath including painting, colouring and cutting. We have also been practising for our Christmas production Lights, Camel, Action 2! This tells the story of Christmas in the format of a dancing show. Our speaking and listening skills have improved so much we could speak audibly and fluently and gain the interest of our listener. We took part in a festive daily mile wearing our best Christmas jumpers - keeping fit is fun!

Daily Mile - The Santa Dash

Lights, Camel, Action! The Sequin

 Even our Governors approved, "Congratulations and well done to the children from Years 1 and 2 for their fantastic performance of 'Lights, Camel, Action 2, the Sequin' on Wednesday afternoon.

Year 1 sang 'A-maz-ingly' and Year 2 deserve a '10' for their acting. The Strictly Final this Saturday, and the Tour in January won't seem the same without 'our' fantastic contestants, judges, hosts and singers."

Christmas Stockings


Design & Technology - Textiles 'Trashion Show'


Well done to everyone who took part in this years 'trashion show' - your designs were fantastic. The children have been working hard to design and make a new stylish product from an old T. shirt. Some people made new creations, cushions, bags and hats.. The project made us think about the importance of recycling, so that we can cut down on the waste we produce and look after our world better. 

History - Chronology

 We revisited the concept of chronology and examining a source. We began by looking carefully at 8 pictures and identifying something that they had in common, year two decided they were all linked by Liverpool. We used these photographs to identify what we knew about each of them and found out there were two that were not sure about, A picture of the old docks and a portrait of King John. We researched these and were happy that we had knowledge about them. Once we had done this we revisited the term chronological order and tried to put the images in chronological order discussing why we made those choices. Ethan thought that the black and white images were the earliest things to happen because cameras only used to take photographs in black and white. We thought this was difficult so we added years and captions to our images. We tried to re-order the pictures using this information and were much more successful than before.

English - The Scarecrows' Wedding

We have been studying two stories that were written by Julia Donaldson - The Highway Rat and The Scarecrows' Wedding. We are enjoying working on The Scarecrows' Wedding and have tried hard to find evidence to support an opinion. We decided that Harry was sensible, thoughtful, respectful and responsible compared to Reginald who was cruel, selfish, rude, sly and disrespectful. After finding lots of evidence Year Two are unanimously Team Harry!


Picture 1
Picture 2

DT - Making a 4 wheeled vehicle


We worked with Steph to design and make a 4 wheeled vehicle. Steph gave us all a design criteria for our vehicles. They had to fit a toy driver in, carry the driver when moving without the driver falling out and the bearings must hold the axle in the correct place securely. We made the chassis then used cardboard to make the body because we knew that the properties of cardboard meant it could be cut, bent and folded. We all learnt some new vocabulary  like axle, bearing, chassis, boot, bonnet and body. Thank you so much Steph.

History - Liverpool Landmarks


When we worked with Altru we found out the names of some famous Liverpool Buildings and we identified some more when we produced Liverpool skylines in art. We were all really interested so we carried on our learning at home. Thank you so much for supporting us with our learning.

Judaism - A guest speaker to tell us all about the religion


Today we were lucky enough to listen to Michelle who told us lots of facts about Judaism. We learnt what the Star of David is and what it looks like, we saw a Menorah, we found out that the Torah Scroll has lots of stories and rules in it and we discovered what a Mezuzah is. Thank you so much!

Odd Socks Day 2019 - Anti-Bullying Week


Today the whole school wore odd socks as part of an initiative run by the Anti-bullying Alliance. The purpose is to spread the message that we should encourage people to express themselves, celebrate individuality and be unique! #oddsocks #antibullying week.

Odd Socks 2019

Remembrance Day Collective Worship


Today we took part in a Remembrance Day Collective Worship to remember those who have suffered and those who have lost their lives in wars. We observed a minutes silence at 11 O'clock.

Judaism - Visit to a synagogue


We have been learning all about the Jewish faith in RE lessons.  Our learning has been enhanced through visits and visitors who taught us all about the faith and different traditions. We have also visited the synagogue in Childwall where Dennis told us all about the Torah Scrolls, mezuzahs and Shabbat. Thank you so much we enjoyed our morning!


Friendship Week _ Anti-bullying performance. 


Altru-drama came to work with the whole school and put on a great performance focusing on the issues of bullying called Agents of Change. The children learnt about the effects of bullying and how best to deal with it. We also learnt that other people who are witnesses to the bullying can have an important role in helping to stop the bullying and they can help bring about change.   

RE - Beginnings - Psalm 19 is a song of praise to God


We have read psalm 19 and recognised that it praises God for the wonders of creation. We listened to 'Morning' from the Peer Gynt Suite and created a dance of celebration inspired by the psalm.

Spanish - Seasonal foods

Year Two have enjoyed a morning making apple roses with our Spanish teacher. They learnt that lots of apples are grown in Northern Spain and people often uses these apples to make foods for festivals. This time of year is harvest time! We learnt the Spanish names for the ingredients - manzana (apple), holjaldre (pastry), limon (lemon) and huevo (egg).

History and English - The Pool of Life (Local history of Liverpool


Today we worked with a drama company called Altru to produce a play called The Pool of Life. This documented the local history of Liverpool from the ice age, King John, The Beatles, football and  history of important buildings! We loved having fun while learning historical facts and improving our speaking and listening skills. At the end of the day we performed our play to the rest of the school. Thank you so much Barry!

Art - Producing a Liverpool Skyline


We looked at the Liverpool skyline and broke it down into the shapes that could be used to recreate it. We then used crayon to create our own. We evaluated our artwork and checked to see if we could identify the famous buildings in our own pieces.

Art - Observing the skyline of Liverpool


We worked in art partners to look closely at the skyline of Liverpool. We researched the name of the buildings that we could see and named the shapes that we could use to draw the skyline ourselves. We recognised that we could recreate the skyline by breaking the buildings into the shapes.

British Values - Democracy

Today we went to the polls to vote for our new year two school councillors. All of the children who wanted to be considered for the job had to complete an application form saying why they would make a good school councillor and what they would like to do. These application forms were submitted and then shortlisted. Those children on the shortlist presented their ideas to the class before voting. Well done to our two new councillors!

Polling Stations

Well done to our new school councillors!

Well done to our new school councillors! 1

We also selected two sports leaders to work with Mrs Liggat this year. They will support and help organise any sporting activities.

Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders 1