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Afternoon Activities (History, Science, Art)

History - What Can we lean about the Maya? 

This lesson we will be using primary and secondary sources to try and find out about The Maya civilisation. Primary sources are objects from the time period they Maya existed and secondary sources are books or drawings created about the Maya. 

History - Why do we learn about the Maya? 

Following on from the previous lesson, read the cards which include reasons why we study the Maya. Think carefully about which reasons are most  important and least important and order them from most important to least important. Explain you have chosen the most important reason and the least important reason. 

Science - Water Resistance. 

The last force we need to learn about is another friction force and it is water resistance. There is an investigation to try if you can and a worksheet to complete. 


Art - Landmarks

Watch the video of drawing landmarks. Why not have a go at drawing your own Liverpool Landmark or a famous landmark around the world. Use whatever you have in the house, pencils, colours, wax crayons, paint even a biro can create a beautiful drawing.