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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5

"I came that they may have life and live it to the full."                         John 10:10



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Mrs Rigby and Mrs Devine would like to welcome you to the Year 5 class page for 2019-2020. Our aim is to keep you informed of the things that are happening in our class. 


Autumn Term

2019 - 2020


Dates for Your Autumn Diary


Autumn 1

  • Wednesday 18th September: Play-In-A-Day, Life in Ancient Egyptian Times. 
  • Friday 20th September: mass for the celebration of St. Robert Bellarmine's feast day. 
  • Friday 4th October: Macmillan Coffee Morning.
  • Wednesday 9th October: Design and Technology day.
  • Friday 18th October: Non-uniform day (unwanted gifts). 
  • Monday 21st October: Pupil progress meetings.  
  • Friday 25th October: Non-uniform day(wear red or blue to say NO to racism). 
  • Friday 25th October: school closes for half-term (3pm). 


Autumn 2

  • Tuesday 5th November: school reopens.
  • Wednesday 6th November: Anti-bullying workshops. 
  • Wednesday 13th November: Play-In-A-Day, The Vikings!
  • Friday 22nd November: Non-uniform day (Children In Need). 
  • Friday 29th November: Non-uniform day (chocolates). 
  • Friday 6th December: Non-uniform day (bottles). 
  • Friday 13th December: Xmas jumper day, Santa Dash & Xmas Fayre.
  • Thursday 19th December: Advent Service (church 7pm). 

  • Friday 20th December: Term finishes at 1:30pm.

Design & Technology - Textiles 

'Trashion Show'


Well done to everyone who took part in this years 'trashion show' - your designs were fantastic. The children have been working hard to design and make a new stylish product from an old T. shirt. Some people made new creations, cushions, bags and hats.. The project made us think about the importance of recycling, so that we can cut down on the waste we produce and look after our world better. 

The Catwalk

Design & Technology 

Making Cam Toys


The children created toys that moved using a cam, a follower and a slider. They had to create a frame from wood and the cam mechanism from wooden dowels and cardboard. Pupils also had to use a variety of tools to cut and join the materials, including hacksaws and glue guns. They were fabulous and all created a toy that would rise and fall as the handle turns. 


Subtraction Strategies 


The children worked together and discussed which was the most efficient strategy to calculate the answer to the subtraction. The pupils used strategies such as rounding and adjusting, partitioning, counting up from the smallest to the largest number, knowledge of place value and the formal column method for subtraction. 

Subtraction Strategies

Collective Worship 

Remembrance Day


Our focus for collective worship was Remebrance Day, we took time to think about all those who have lost their lives so we can have the freedom and peace we enjoy today. We also remembered those who are currently far away from their families, putting themselves in danger to save others. During the collective worship we listened to a reading from the Old Testament and a prayer which teaches us that we should always work for peace in our own lives. 


Remebrance Day

History - The Ancient Egyptians 

Homework Projects 


Well done for all the fantastic homework projects. The children were given the challenge to create a project on the ancient Egyptians over the half term break. The children could choose to focus on something that really captured their interest and used their talents. They created some amazing projects from pyramids to canopic jars and from amulets to fact files. We have all learnt a lot!!



Homework Projects - Ancient Egyptians

Friendship Week 

Anti-bullying performance. 


Altru-drama came to work with the whole school and put on a great performance focusing on the issues of bullying. The children learnt about the effects of bullying and how best to deal with it. We also learnt that other people who are witnesses to the bullying can have an important role in helping to stop the bullying.   

Anti-bullying performance




The children in year 5 were lucky enough to take part in the anti-bullying workshop. having watched the performance they used their drama skills to get to know the characters further. They thought about how the characters felt during the play and the effect bullying has on people. They also worked together in groups to explore different scenarios and think about how the problems could be overcome. We learnt that we can help others by including them, being kind, telling trusted adults and always think about how our actions make others feel. 

Anti-bullying workshop

Science - Filtration

How can we make the dirty water clean? 


The children have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science. They were challenged to use what they had learnt about filtration in previous lessons to make the dirty water clean.  


Art - Printing

Printing Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. 


In art the children were inspired by the images of Gods and Goddesses we have seen when studying the ancient Egyptians. Using them, we created a polystyrene stamp and used inks to create three different prints. They turned out a lot better than the children first thought and they are really proud of their art work. Well done Year 5.  

Making Prints


Reversible Changes (Filtration) 


The pupils worked together to investigate which materials worked best to separate sand from water using the process of filtration. After our investigations we discovered that the paper was the best materials as the water came out clear and the sand stayed on the paper.  

Testing Materials

Maths - Negative Numbers 

Negative Numbers with Concrete Materials


The children used Numcion pieces to create a negative numberline. We looked carefully the numbers and came up with some very insightful conclusions. Next we used the numberlines to help us find the difference between positive and negative numbers. This lesson will help us as we move onto more difficult questions involving larger numbers and bigger differences. 

Negative Number Numberlines

Design & Technology

Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus


In D&T the year five children created an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus from a flat piece of card. They learnt how to create a box shape, with a lid. They also created tabs so that the pieces could be stuck together. Once the sarcophagus was made, the children used syringes and tubing to create a hydraulic system so that the lids opened to reveal a mummy inside. We used a linkage so that the mummy would pop up as the lid opened. The next step in the design was to decorate the lid with 3D decorations, inspired by our topic on the ancient Egyptians.  The result were fantastic!

Our D&T Work


Wonder by R.J. Palacio 


In English lessons we will be reading the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. We will use the book as a stimulus for writing and its themes as the basis for discussions about the text. If you enjoy reading this wonderful book, you may enjoy some of the other books written by R.J. Palacio about the characters we meet in this story. 

Other Titles By R.J. Palacio

Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 1
Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 2
Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 3
Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 4
Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 5
Other Titles By R.J. Palacio 6

History Play In A Day

The Ancient Egyptians

The children in Year 5 took part in a Play-In-A-Day, learning all about life in Ancient Egyptian times. The pupils learnt about how important the River Nile was, why the pyramids were built, who built them and we were introduced to Tutankhmen. It was a great way to start our history topic on the Ancient Egyptians and we will use what we have learnt to help us later on the topic. The children performed the play to an audience at the end of the day and really showed off their drama skills. Well done Year 5! 

Play In A Day: The Ancient Egyptians

British Values - Democracy

School Council Elections

This week the children took part in the school council elections. There were a number of candidates who put themselves forward to be a school councillor. After listening to each manifesto the children headed to the polling station to complete the ballot papers and cast their votes. The candidates were of a very high standard and it was very difficult for the children to decide who to vote for. A big well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to our new Year 5 councillors!

Polling Day