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Afternoon activities

Each afternoon complete one of the activities below.

Art - Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Research Giuseppe Arcimboldo and produce a factfile about him

1. Find out 3 facts about him

2. Choose your favourite picture 

3. Describe this picture - What is if of? What was used to make it? What colours were used?

4. How do you feel when you look at your favourite picture?


Use the factfile template below or write in your exercise book.


These websites may help you -



I have included 3 famous Pictures that you can use or you can find your own.



Geography  (2 lessons) - Human and Physical Features


Lesson Focus - Human and Phsyical geography of Sydney


Before we finished we began to think about the human and physical geography of places. We can sort what we find in a place as a human or a physical feature.


Human features - These features come from human ideas and actions. Something that has been manufactured by a human. 


Physical Features- These features are those that has been formed naturally. It is the Earth's natural features like mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans.


Geography Lesson 1 - Human and Physical Features


1. Look at the powepoint below. This will help you understand what some human and physical features are.


2. Sort the given features that you have been given below into the correct section - human feature or physical feature.


3. You can complete the challenge by sorting places from around the Uk into your chart.



This powerpoint gives you examples of human and physical features and explains what they are

Human and physical features to sort into your grid

Challenge - Can you sort these human and physical features from around the UK and add them to your grid?

Geography Lesson 2 - Identifying Human and Physical Features in Sydney


I would like you to imagine that you are going to visit Sydney in Australia.

1.Find 3 places that you would like to visit there.

2.Tell me the name of each place, what you would see there, what you could do there or describe what it is.

3. Identify each place as being a human feature or a physical feature.

Sydney worksheet

RE - Spread the Word


Our new RE topic is Spread the Word. Through this we will be exploring messages and how we pass them on, we will also think about how we feel about sharing and receiving messages.