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Come and See

To fulfil our aims and objectives we use the ‘Come and See’ programme of Religious Education for Primary Schools approved by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.




Religious Education in our school:


Religious education is taught across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and accounts for 10% of the weekly timetable.  Some lessons last 30 minutes while others last for 1 hour.  During these lessons, the children participate in a range of engaging activities allowing them to ask and respond to a number of theological questions.

Each term sees 3 new ‘themes’ which will be explored.  These fall into the categories of the Church, Sacraments and Christian Living.


Church Themes:


               Autumn Term – the theme is the Domestic Church. 

              Spring Term – the theme is the Local Church

             Summer Term – the theme is the Universal Church.


Sacramental Themes:


               Autumn Term – the theme starts in KS1 with Baptism and moves onto Confirmation, Ordination and Marriage in KS2.

              Spring Term – the theme is the Eucharist.

               Summer Term – the theme is Reconciliation and moves onto the Anointing of the sick in KS2. 


Christian Living:


               Autumn Term – the theme is Advent.

               Spring Term – the theme is Lent and Easter.

               Summer Term – the theme is Pentecost.  


When studying the themes, each year group has a different topic which they focus on.  For example, when looking at the Domestic Church in the Autumn term, all year groups study ‘family’ but they do so through different topics, such as:


•       EYFS – Myself

•       Year 1 – Families

•       Year 2 – Beginnings

•       Year 3 – Homes

•       Year 4 – People

•       Year 5 – Ourselves

•       Year 6 – Loving


In addition to learning about the Catholic Faith, the children also participate in ‘other faith’ weeks throughout the year, as well as furthering their knowledge of other religions.  For example, the children have the opportunity to learn about Judaism,  Hinduism, and Islam.

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Year 1

Year 2 

Year 2 read psalm 19 and recognised that it praises God for the wonders of creation. They listened to 'Morning' from the Peer Gynt Suite and created a dance of celebration inspired by the psalm.

Year 3

Year 4


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