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English Tasks. 


This week's English tasks can be completed in any order. 


Comprehension task - Planet Mars. 

You can print of the sheets and answer in the spaces or just write your answer next to the question number in your exercise book. Choose the level that suits you best, 3 stars is the most difficult and 1 star is the less tricky (look for the stars on the bottom left corner of the page). 

What is V.E. Day?

Read the information and watch the video to find out about V.E. Day, which happened 75 years ago this Friday. Have a go at writing a fact file in your exercise book about this important event. 

Grammar Activities

Here are 3 short grammar activities, you can do them in one go or spread them out over 3 days if you wish. You can print out the sheets or just write down your answers in your exercise book. 

First News, Extra Activities (if needed). 

Choose from Level 1 activities (orange) or Level 2 (green).