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English Resources


Picture News is a new resource that we are using this week. In the resources below you will find all that you need for your lesson on Monday. The focus this week is on video games. There is an explanation sheet that tells you what to do and the various activities can also be found here. You might like to do a selection of these activities or all of them.However, it is important that you attempt some of them. Because there are a range of activities to complete, I have set aside time for you to complete this work in the afternoon too. For those who don’t want to do it all, you might like to use this time to complete some of the additional activities that have been provided such as the mindfulness activities instead.


Your activity for Tuesday is based on improving sentences. You will see a variety of sheets below for you to choose from. There are three different levels of difficulty and you can choose the level that suits you best - 1 star is easier and 3 stars is the most difficult. The stars can be found on the bottom left of each page. You can write the sentences in your exercise book or print them off. Once you have chosen the level you feel comfortable with, I would like you to complete at least three out of the five sheets provided.


Your reading comprehension for Wednesday is based on the topic of the internet. Again, there are three levels so choose the one that you feel you can complete to the best of your ability. The green one is the easiest with pink being the hardest. There are also answers at the back but please wait until you have answered the questions before looking at them. 


Your work on Thursday is based on the PowerPoint below. It includes a variety of creative writing tasks and I look forward to seeing some of your work.


Your work for Friday is again explained in the PowerPoint below. It is a writing task based on a story starter. You can choose Task 1 or Task 2 to complete. Please share some of your writing with us once you’ve finished if you can.