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LC - Can I find out what happened to Florence Nightingale when she returned to England?


We all know that Florence Nightingale and her actions saved the lives of many soldiers, but what happened to her when she returned to England?

Today you are going to find out all about her later life.


First watch the PowerPoint below.


Look at the True or False Cards in the worksheets below. On these cards are sentences about Florence Nightingale, some of them are true, some are false.

Read the cards and decide if each sentence is true or false, if you can print them off you can organise them into two piles.

 When you have done this, you need write a report about of Florence Nightingale’s later life and what she did to become famous using the true facts.

You can do this on a piece of A4 paper or use the worksheet in the pack below.


Extra Task  - design a card to say thank you to nurses for everything they do. Inside you need to explain what you are thankful for. If you know a nurse you could send it to them.