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Message from Mrs Devine & Mrs Rigby

Hello Year 5, 


Another week has passed by and it is time for your weekly letter from us. I hope that you and your families are safe and well and have been managing to enjoy the sunshine. 


I am sure you are getting into the swing of your home learning and we wanted to say a huge thank-you and a big well done for working so hard on your activities at home and for trying your best. I hope that the weekly timetable was of some use as it provides a suggestion of how to break up the work into manageable chunks. this week there is another suggested timetable and there is also a little video for you to watch which offers suggestions on how to approach home learning.  


Well done for keeping up with your reading, as I said last week this will make a big difference and you will see improvements quickly if you read for around 15 to 20 mins each day! Many of you are now accessing the online library Epic! Reading  (  and I can see that you have been enjoying a whole range of books and watching some of the videos too. Epic! Reading emailed me last week to say: “Well done! Year 5 are off to a great start and we have earned our first badge for reading 25 books!” 





If you have not yet accessed Epic! Reading your parents have been sent an email so that you can log on and join too. 


Keep working on your times tables, you can log onto TTRockstars and play the games so that your recall becomes quick and confident. The top three players on the leaderboard are Sky Farren, Jordan Sweet and Jan Setzer. Denzel Vickery, you are not far behind. Sumdog is also a good way to keep your maths skills bubbling. If you cannot remember your passwords for either TT Rockstars or Sumdog, please ask a parent to email school and we can remind you of your login details. 


You will find your next pack of activities for week 4 (dated 27.4.2020) on our class page of the school website. I have included 4 a day activities, Maths, English, Science (forces) and History (The Maya). I have also added some extra activities that I thought you might enjoy such as art and a quiz for you to test yourself or your family. 


Mrs McQuiggan has given you some R.E. work for the next few weeks and there is a folder on the class page, with a letter, which explains what to do. 


This week Mrs Liggat has added some football coaching videos from Community Soccer. You can find them on the P.E. page of our school website and you might see some familiar faces! 


Senorita has also sent you some more fun Spanish activities to help keep your Spanish skills going and there is a delicious recipe to try. 


Remember that we all work at different levels and find some subjects easier and others harder. There may be times when you feel stuck, don’t worry it’s ok! Here are some suggestions of what you can do if you find something difficult: 


  • Stop and think carefully about it, have a go, you might get it right after all. 
  • Look at the help sheets for maths or follow the links to the videos for a recap.  
  • Look at any examples. 
  • Ask an adult, they might just need to help you get started. 
  • Some activities are at different levels, choose the level that suits you best. 
  • Don’t rush, if something takes you longer than the suggested time that’s ok, you can always come back to it the next day. 


We love seeing your tweets and have really enjoyed the Keepy Up challenge and some wonderful artwork this week. Please tweet us with any work you have been doing, recipes you’ve made, artwork, footballing skills or anything else you would like to share with us. Use the twitter handle @stbellarmineand #Y5SRB.


We really miss you and want to say thank you for keeping going with your work at home, try your best and keep smiling!


Take care, 


Mrs Devine and Mrs Rigby