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Maths & 4-a-Day


The file below contains this week's 5 lessons. each covering a different strand of the Year 4 maths curriculum. The work is designed to reinforce prior learning and should be able to be done independently

Daily Maths Activity

This week, during your daily lessons, you will be completing work based upon written methods of multiplication and division. For the daily maths activity (Monday - Thursday) the children should follow the link below to access a video for each daily lesson. These activities may require a bit more support and involve pausing the video to complete the activities.

Friday's Maths Mystery

Can you help solve the mystery to find out who taken the microphones and ruined the end of term play? Good luck detectives.

We'll give you the answer next week.

Mystery of the Party Bags Answers

Here are the answers to last week's mystery. 

Did you solve it?

Sumdog National Maths Contest

Friday 8th May sees the start of a new Sumdog maths contest open to schools the country. Year 4 have been entered into this contest, which will run until Thursday 14th May.