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Maths & 4-a-Day


The file below contains this week's 4 lessons, each covering a different strand of the Year 4 maths curriculum. The work is designed to reinforce prior learning and should be able to be done independently.

Daily Maths Activity

This week, during your daily lessons, you will be completing work based upon interpreting graphs and charts. For the daily maths activity (Monday - Thursday) the children should follow the link below to access a video to support each daily lesson. It is important that these videos are followed as they guide the children through the worksheets. These activities may require a bit more support as they are new concepts for the children and involve pausing the video to complete the activities.

Arithmetic Practice II

Friday's Maths Mystery

You join us on day 5 of the Winter Olympics. The spectators have gathered in their hundreds to witness history being made today. 20 countries are going for gold in the four-man bobsleigh competition. All of the competitors have been training hard for the last 4 years - the stakes are very high!


But wait! What's this?


Disaster! Someone has sabotaged the bobsleigh competition by throwing sand onto the track. It has been thrown down the track at different places and the whole event has been cancelled! Who would do such a dreadful thing?


Your task is to solve the clues and use the descriptions of the clues to unmask the saboteur.


Good luck detectives!