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White Rose Maths Daily Lessons - week 1 


Follow the link for 5 daily maths lessons and select week 1. You will be learning about decimals up to 3 decimal places (tenths hundredths and thousandths). You will also learn how to write a fraction as its equivalent decimal. 

For example to write 3/10 as a decimal you write 3 in the tenths column 0.3. 

To write 4/100 as a decimal you write 4 in the hundredths column 0.04. 

To write 6/1000 as a decimal you write 6 in the thousandths column 0.006. 

If you have 23/100 you have 23 hundredths and write 0.23. 


Answer in your exercise book or print off the sheets if you can. 

There is a place value chart in the help sheet folder if you need it.