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Dear Parents

For Health and Safety reasons we have been advised by Bootle baths and our Gymnastics Company that children WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO participate in either swimming or gymnastics if your child has earrings in.

If your child if unable to take the earrings out by themselves at school, please could you make sure that the earrings are taken out at home on the day when they have either gymnastics or swimming, before they come to school.

This term Y5 swimming day is Tuesday; Y6 swimming Thursday; gymnastics is Reception and Y1 on Friday and gymnastics club after school on Friday. (Y1-Y2)

It is strongly recommended that children should not be wearing earrings whilst participating in any sporting activity and we would advise that they don’t wear earrings for school.

In the past earrings, which could not be taken out by the child themselves, have been covered over by tape/plasters, by a member of staff. This is obviously not ideal, and we do not want children to miss out on PE lessons, so as a last resort we will still cover up earrings for other PE activities in school.

Thank you for your support.

M.O’Neill Dowell